Travel Attentions in Karachi

Karachi: Top 10 Travel Attentions in Karachi

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Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is spread over almost 3,527 km. The population of this city is increased by 25 million these days. According to the community, it can be considered the second biggest city in the World.

It is also known as the city of the lights. The main reason is that the citizens of this city never sleep, and as well as this city has a great attraction to the tourist due to the different kind of activities and tourist spots.

Another reason for the popularity of Karachi is the availability of vast shore, large number of banquets, restaurants, architectural buildings, libraries, gardens, parks, and mosques.

Our main object to write this article is that we want to aware of all of you from the most famous, attractive, and attention able places of the Karachi.

If you want to know the information about the prominent areas of Karachi so keep a connection with us and read this article carefully. In this article, we describe the top 10 most travel attention places of the Karachi.

1: Quaid e Mausoleum (Mazaar-e-Quaid)

Quaid e Mausoleum is one of the most prominent and memorial landmarks of the History of Karachi, Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first founder and first head of the Pakistan state.

After a long struggle, he succeeded in achieving a separate state for the Muslim. He was the great leader of the Muslim Omaha of Subcontinent. He was succeeding in getting an independent state of Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

But he died on September 11, 1948. The Mausoleum of great leader Quaid e Azam is in Karachi. It is one of the most significant tourist points for not only the people of Pakistan But as well as for the people of foreign countries.

Several numbers of visitors can visit this place every year. The important thing about this place is that these places not only the see point of Muslims but a thousand numbers of Non-Muslim people are also come to visit this place. It is the total image of strength and unity.

Quaid e Mausoleum is one of the most popular places of Karachi, where every time people are coming for a visit and reciting the Holy Quran for Easel e Swab. It is not wrong correctly if we say that is Karachi become a famous city of Pakistan only due to the Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

2: Tuba Mosque

Another most famous and eye-catching place of the Karachi is Tuba Mosque. It can manage the 5000 Muslims at the time of Prayer.

It is very famous with different names all around the World. For example, the white marble mosque is another name of this mosque. Due to the most significant single domed, it can be included in the biggest single-domed mosques of all around the World.

Tuba Mosque is the shape of architecture in the History of Karachi. It is the full mixture of modern and traditional construction that represents the humanity and worship of Pakistani Muslims.

If we discuss the history of this grand mosque, then we can say that the development of this mosque was started in 1887 by Amadou Bamba, and it was completed in 1963.

But unfortunately, Bamba died in 1927 before completing the construction of this mosque. After that, the development of this mosque was controlled by his family. After completion, it is the largest building of the city and considered it the largest mosque in Asia.

Tuba Mosque has a towering five minarets and three domes. The height of the central tower is 285 feet (87 meters). It is also called lamp fall after Sheikh Ibrahima Fall. A short, it is the more significant partisan mosque of the World. The Mausoleum of Amadou Bamba’s son is also situated in this mosque.

On the other hand, a big library, a sacrosanct “Well of Mercy,” a cemetery and a large Caliph’s official audience hall, is also included in this mosque. A large number of travelers are coming every day to visit this mosque. Female visitors are not allowed in this mosque. And Non-Muslim visitors stay away at the time of prayers.

3: Karachi Safari Park

Safari Park is situated in the main town of Karachi. The name of this town is Gulshan e Iqbal. It is spread over the area of almost 0.06-kilometer square. The park has two lakes, a big zoo and as well as a chairlift. Due to these things, it is one of the most popular and exciting tourist points.

If we can discuss the History of Safari Park Karachi, then it was established in 1970 under the consideration of General Atiq-ur-Rehman. It can consider the self-governing project of the Karachi Municipal Corporation Pakistan.

The zoo was created in this park in 1995. According to the self-sufficient wing of the Community Development Department (CDD) of Government City District Karachi, this park was designed as “Family Park.”

Not only children but as well as younger feel delighted and enjoyment when they are taking a ride on the chairlift. But the children feel comfortable only when they visit the zoo and see a different kind of wild animals.

In this zoo, there are many kinds of animals available in which the loin, monkeys, elephant, lipped, chimpanzees, tiger, zebra, and many more are on the top list.

During taking the ride on the chairlift, you can not only see the safari park but as well as you can also see some more beautiful views of the Karachi aspect of this park. The Czech Republic Base Company can manage all the work of this park.

Maintenance and protection of this park is the responsibility of this company. The paintball, golf section, inside rope climbing, are many interesting things that provide more facilities to enjoy the beautiful environment.

4: Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum is also situated in Karachi. This also known as the Naval Museum, Pakistan. It is another famous place in Karachi. It is the main connectable point not only for the citizens of the Karachi but as well as for the people of the whole World.

The huge number of visitors and tourists are coming to visit this place. It is spread over the area of almost 28 acres. It can be considered one of the most famous museums all around the World.

Due to its size, it has much popularity, especially in Pakistan. The large numbers of schools and college tours visit this museum every year. The students learn many things during the visit.

This museum was built by keeping in mind the concept of education. It is an experimental place for the student who wants to know and learn the History of Pakistan.

There are many things that are available in this museum, which shows the cultural and tradition of the Pakistani Lok Virsa. It has several antique art galleries in which there are many antique paintings, the images of famous Pakistani leaders are available.

During the visit, the visitor is much facilitated with these images and from their statements that are written at the bottom of the pictures.

This museum has a vast collection of old thing which gives us the real image of Pakistan tradition and cultural. The Queen of England offers the wooden barge to Naval Chief of Pakistan in the ’60s; this wooden barge is also displayed in this Safari Museum.

It also shows Breguet Atlantic aircraft, submarine, Minesweeper ship, and many more. When you want to visit this museum, you must keep in mind the timing of the museum. The timing of this museum is 8:00 to 10:00 pm.

The cost of the ticket is almost 150 to 250 Pakistani rupees according to the age level of the persons (children and younger).

5: Karachi Zoo

The Karachi Zoo is also called Karachi Zoological Garden. It was recognized in 1878 in Karachi. Since then, the most important animal of the World was collected in this zoo from different parts of the World. It has a beautiful lake.

In this beautiful lake, there are many kinds of ducks; crocodiles, alligators, swans, and much more water creatures are available. It provides the most beautiful and heart touching view to the visitors.

When you can go for a visit to this zoo, then you must happy and feel enjoyment with the most fantastic creature of God. If once you visit this place then don’t forget these senses all over the life.

You must want to capture these senses in your camera. Sometimes if you forget to pick your camera with yourself, then you are much worried about how you can achieve your pictures.

Hold on, please don’t worry about this, because there are many plenties and professional photographers are available there who provide the facilities with some fantastic clicks at meager prices.

You know it is also known as Mahatma Gandhi Garden. The most exciting thing in this zoo is the Mughal Garden. Yes, Mughal Garden is also situated in this zoo.

It is the total role model of Pakistan’s tradition and culture. For this reason, it becomes one of the main tourist points for the foreign and as well as local visitor of Pakistan. The Mughal Garden is also known as flower and greenery beds. There are many Pakistani movie senses filmed in this garden.

In short words, Karachi Zoo also has great importance in the most popular and exciting places of Karachi. Moreover, due to the white loin, this zoo has much popularity among the visitors.

6: Port Grand

Most people want to know what is the secret point of the port grand that several people want to come and visit this Port Grand; The main reason is that it can consider the entertainment hub of the Karachi.

It has great popularity all around the World. The number of tourists can visit this place only to enjoy the different kinds of foods and cinemas as well. Due to the famous and number one restaurant in this place, it is such an enticing and eye-catching place in the World.

The prices of the foods on these restaurants are very reasonable, like 4 to 5 dollars (600 – 800) Pakistani rupees for full of tummy meal.

It has a large bridge. The maximum length of this bridge is almost one kilometer. The bridge is full of food shops and other kind of stalls. Most of the stalls are toy stalls. The children buy the toys from these shops and become their enjoyment more enhance able.

On the other hand, many big shopping moles are also available in this port grand. You can buy every kind of good from these shopping moles.

These moles and stores offered a wide range of branded clothing varieties at reasonable and friendly prices. These shopping hubs provide every good according to the season like in winter they can sell only a hot mixture of clothes.

Moreover, in these shopping stores, the vast varieties of clothes are available for both males and females. At last, we can say that port grand is also including in the top attention able place of the Karachi.

7: Devils Point

Devils point is the most famous place in Karachi. Kolachi is the most popular restaurant that is situated in the Devils Point Karachi. Delicious and fresh foods, proper and fast services, an excellent experience for making tasty dishes are some best qualities of this restaurant.

It is situated in defense housing authority. Different kinds of recipes are included in the menu of this restaurant.

The method of offering a menu is also super, and as well as the serving method of the waiters is also outstanding. Here you can taste such a delicious Pakistan, Italian, Chinese, Seafood, and Continental Bar B.Q.

Devils Point Karachi offers an excellent view of the sea. Many tourists who come from other countries just for enjoyment, they feel much pleasure during an eating meal in front of sea weaves.

It is one of the greatest and eye-catching points of Karachi, where the large numbers of people are coming and eating a meal and enjoys the aesthetic sense of the sea.

Most people think that the price of food in this restaurant is very high, but it is wrong news; in just 40 to 60 dollars, two people take a dinner full of tummy quickly.

8: Charna Island

Charna Island is a massive piece of rock in the middle of the sea. It is a small island that spread over the area of 6 to 7 kilometers in the Arabian Sea away from the Karachi. The numbers of people are coming to this place for scatting.

Charna Island plays a vital role in increasing the enjoyment of the people. Due to this, it becomes a more attractive able and attention able place not for citizens of the Karachi and Pakistan but as well as for the people of foreign countries.

It becomes the midpoint of concentration of the tourist of the whole. Most people visit this place just for snorkeling, jet-skiing, cliff diving, scuba diving. These activities also play an essential role in becoming this place more accessible.

So if you also want to increase your adrenaline, you must go to this place. On the other hand, the Pakistan Navy Force used this Island as a shooting range.

Fishers also come near this Island for catching fishes, because there is an infinite range of species like crabs, lobsters, and many other kinds of fishes are available in this land.

9: Clifton Sea View

Clifton Sea View is also a famous place in Karachi. It is the main attraction able site for the citizen of Karachi. It makes a record of the most famous smooth and silver beach of the World, but the smoothness affected by an accident of the oil spill in 2003.

But don’t worries it still holds their worth. The number of foreign tourists come to this beach and makes a memorial sense that they don’t want to forget throughout life.

The family and other tourists visit this beach 24/7. The most popular activities for enjoyment on this beach include hours riding, Camel Riding, Parks and surfing, dirt- bikes, and many more. These activities are on the top list due to this sea view is always crowded.

10: Mohatta Palace

If you are interested in History, then Mohatta Palace is one of the best places for you. It also plays a vital role in the History of Karachi as well as Pakistan. Mohatta Palace is a great place. It is a pure modal role to show Pakistani culture and tradition.

If you know the history of this palace, then keeps a connection with us and read this content carefully. It was built in the era of Shivratan Candesartan Mohatta, who lived in this palace. After independence, the Indian left this palace and go to India.

This palace spread over the area of the 18,500-kilometer square. This palace is nearby the Karachi Sea.

During the construction of this palace, a secret underground tunnel was built for the safety of Hindu temples. The whole castle is full of well-ventilated gardens. But now this palace is converted into the museum that exhibits possessions and another kind of collection.

However, if you come to Karachi, you will be pleased with Karachi’s people’s behavior. Thе people аrе super welcoming аnd curious whу уоu аrе visiting thеir ‘country.’ You mеet ѕо mаnу warm people аnd еvеrуоnе wаѕ super friendly аnd smiley.

You also enjoy hanging аrоund in thе streets аnd trуing thеir local street food. Travel in Karachi is mostly enjoyable, like travel in Kashmir. So, set your mind to go for traveling in Karachi soon.