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Kashmir: Top 10 Travel Attentions in Kashmir

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First of all, before starting this article, we want to say that Pakistan is the home to a place that forces you to visit and see the fantastic and fascinating natural beauty of God.

In these places, Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and unbelievable places in Pakistan. It has great importance not only in the tourist of Pakistan but as well as in the tourist around the world.

It is full of the green valley that forces you never to slug your eyes once you see the sight of it. This place is full of plentiful lakes, waterways, and wildlife adventures. Most people want to go there just for adventures like scatting and boating etc.

But here this place sees wonderful there it is more dangerous due to rock sliding. This piece of nation is more famous all around the world due to the highest mountains, surprising wildlife, delightful lakes, potent waterways, generous green valleys, and many other exciting places and activities. 

Here we discuss the top 10 most attractive places of the Kashmir. Our main object to write this article is that we want to aware of all of you about these top best places of the Kashmir. After reading this article, hope you can easily choose the location for enjoyment in Kashmir.

1: Neelum Valley

Neelum valley is purely top required attractive and attention able place of the world. We can say that Kashmir is Paradise.

Because in this place, there are many eye-catching points are available that become the source of coming to foreign visitors to visit these beautiful, excellent, and unusual places.

Kashmir is God’s gift to humanity; fortunately, this place is situated in Pakistan. If anyone suggests you to the most attractive place in Pakistan would not forget the heart of Kashmir like Neelum Valley.

In this valley, many environs, small towns, trekking drags, villages, lakes, and mountains, any extra attention able place are available.

Several people want to visit this place in the winter season. The main reason is that in the winter season, the Neelum valley covered by the snowfall. And the sense of snow falling is a memorial for every visitor.

Therefore, most people try to visit this place in the winter season.

So, in the end, we want to say that our main object to write this content is that, after reading this content, you would be able to choose the best place to visit.

When you feel hesitation, to select the best location for a visit, then this article will help you to choose a beautiful place. So read this content carefully and enjoy yourself by visiting attention able sites of Pakistan.

2: Rawalakot

Rawalakot is the most famous town in Kashmir. It is also known as the district headquarters of Poonch. The most attractive and fantastic valley in the middle of high hills is positioned about a maximum of 80 kilometers away from the Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Due to the distance of just 80 kilometers, you can easily reach the area of Rawalakot. The streets of northern cities of Pakistan, especially Kashmir, is blocked in the winter season during the snow falling.

So the summer season is very best for visiting the northern areas of Pakistan. In this season we see the greenness and beautiful flowers everywhere.

Mostly families and local tourists are coming to visit this more famous place in Pakistan as well as of the whole world in the summer season. 

One another most exciting news about this place is that while visiting this area, you must visit the most popular and one of the more travel attention places of Pakistan like Toli Pir, Sudhngalli, and Tatta Pani.

Yes, these places are located here. These places also have great importance in the northern areas of Pakistan. The numbers of tourists are coming and visit these places and feel enjoyment.

In the end, we want to say that if you go to visit Rawalakot, you must visit these places like Tatta Pani, Toli Pir, and Sudhngalli. These places are located nearby the Rawalakot.

3: Leepa Valley 

First of all, we want to start this from the history of Leepa Valley. In the past, it was the part of karnah tehsil of Kupwara district Jammu Kashmir.

But at this time, it is the part of Jhelum valley district Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It has been an area of trouble among the two nearest countries.

The Leepa valley uplifts the value of Azad Kashmir as one of the top travel attention in Pakistan. The period of May to November is fantastic for visiting this place because in this period every Lake is full of water and a greener atmosphere provides you sufficiently eye-catching view everywhere.

There are also many hotels, restrooms and restaurants are available in this place. You can easily find the best hotel for you.

The restaurants that are situated in this place provide your number one quality food and tasty dishes at a reasonable price. You can buy any necessary things from this place.

You know, due to the highest mountain, the approach to these mountains is complicated, but don’t worry about these different kinds of jeeps provide help for reaching you on the spot.

4: Banjosa Lake

Banjosa is another place in Kashmir that is more popular not only in Pakistan but as well as all over the world. It is located nearby the area of Rawalakot.

If you go to Rawalakot for a visit, then you can easily find the way of Banjosa. Mostly the area shows a significant amount of greenery. In this place, you will find a green color everywhere.

Banjosa Lake is a fantastic lake and a resort. It is situated at a distance of almost 17 to 18 kilometres from the central city of Rawalakot in Poonch. Rawalakot that is located in the Poonch, is the district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

Banjosa Lake is also known as clear-water Lake. Due to a large amount of greenery, favourable temperature, tall trees, and clear water, this Lake has much popularity all around the world.

It provides a favourable temperature to the people. In the summer season, the temperature stayed on this place almost above 25 degrees that is most sufficient for the tourist to visit this place full of enjoyment.

But the autumn season is also more excellent for the people, especially when you can see the surface of Banjosa Lake is full of gold and brown roses.

But if you want to know which Lake is best? Then we have no answer because every Lake in Pakistan provides a better view other than last. So the comparison between the Pakistani lakes is not possible.

Every Lake has a different importance according to the visitor’s mind. But it is not wrong the Banjosa Lake also has a lovely and significant influence on local and as well as foreign tourists.

5: Jhelum Valley

You can see and listen to many valleys situated in the different places of the world. But surely we can say that you don’t have any idea about Jhelum Valley. Yes, it is the fastidious valley of Azad Kashmir.

Every time it is full of international and domestic tourists. It also plays a model role in the most attractive place in Pakistan. It is beautiful, as the order valley in Kashmir.

As we discussed above, we cannot compare the Kashmiri valleys with each other. Every valley has separate importance as compare to the other.

That is the main reason it becomes the viewpoint of local as well as foreign tourists. The people are coming here from every corner of the world to see the natural beauty of God because every people considered the Kashmir just like heaven.

And Kashmir is indeed heaven. Whenever you visit this place, you feel that this place is awe-inspiring. You don’t want to go back if you come to this place once.

It is the aim of every person that they want to see the big rivers, mountains, hill and many more. If you visit this place, you never forget this time and enjoyable movements all over life.  

The area that is called Leepa Valley, also situated in Jhelum. It is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pakistan. A cherry is the most famous fruit that you have never tasted before, produced here.

6: Red Fort

Red Fort is also called Pakistan Fort. When we discuss some information, then you must want to visit this place because it is one of the top zones of travel revolutionaries and archaeologists that represent the history of the Pakistan region.

The historical construction of this fort was started in the 16th century. At this time, it is known as “Rutta Qila.”

Pakistan is the main attraction of the tourist. In which many places play a role model to increase the beauty of Pakistan. In these places, the Kashmir is on the top list. Several numbers of people are come to this place and enjoy the natural beauty of God.

At this time, still, this area looks like a fabulous working of art. You know it is also known as Muzaffarabad Fort. This place is the famous tradition site of Azad Kashmir. Thousands of foreign tourists are coming for the enjoyment of a beautiful place and as well as the natural beauty of God.

7: Ramkot Fort

Another astonishing land that comes on climbing provides you more attraction able and eye-catching views. That is called Ramkot Fort. The Jhelum River surrounds it. The building of the Muslim Military entirely designs Ramkot Fort.

The Background of this fort belongs to almost 5th to 9th centuries. It is the full image of old culture and traditions.

In the 9th century, the resident of this building left it; after that, in the 17th century, it was discovered and removed by the Muslim leaders.

Now this area is converted into the foundation of excitement for the people. The number of couples, families, friends, and spouse are coming here for enjoyment.

This area also considered one of the top crowded regions of the Kashmir. If we discuss the history of Ramkot fort, then it is situated beside the Mangla Dam Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. We can reach this place through the boat.

The distance is only 13 kilometres away from the Dina; if you want to enter this place by road, then the range is almost 79 kilometre from Mirpur to Dadyal village.

When you reach the Dadyal village, then this fort is just away from the range of 30 minutes by walk.

The period from July to September is very best to visit this fort. The main reason is that at that time, the lakes are full of water, and you enjoy the real natural beauty of God.

8: Pir Chinasi

Pir Chinasi the most famous place in the world that is situated in the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. This area can consider top tourist attractions in Pakistan as well as in most foreign countries.

Pir Chinasi is an amazing and beautiful travel spot all around the world. Due to the wrong road, you are on the run for your patience, and as well as in the situation of an accident, you are only responsible for your health.

So safety and tolerance both are more important things for your life. 

During the journey or walk on this road are very dangers. You must keep in mind all critical situations and then start your journey in this place.

Here we can describe some information about the history of Pir Chinasi. It is beneficial for those peoples who are interested to know the history of Pir Chinasi. It was built in the era of Hazrat Shah Hussain.

He was the Saint of greater Kashmir. The temple of Hazrat Shah Hussain is located in this area.

This state is full of original art if you can visit this place, you can see the unique and magnificent beauty of this place that displays in every corner of this area. 

The plentiful greenery attracts the people from all athwart Pakistan. The oak and pine trees are more famous in this place, which blooms during the summer season; meanwhile, in the winter, they remain blanket due to the snow falling.

9: Counter Lake

The period from May to August is excellent for visiting this place. Counter Lake is a beautiful place for visiting with family, friends, and spouse.

Newly married couples mostly want to visit such a site where they enjoy their honeymoon full of excitement and feel a natural beauty. For those people, Counter Lake is one of the best places.

For the reason that there you can get many facilities like dining, hostelling, and many other facilities include conveyance facilities, refreshment facilities. So in simple words, you can easily stay here and enjoy some days of life full of excitement. 

If you are coming to visit the Neelum Valley and suddenly you make a plan to visit Shounter Lake, then you can hire any jeep from Kel Neelum valley and reach your destination (Shounter Lake) without any hesitation. 

Due to the favorable season, most people prefer camping as comparing to hoteling. But you can find another type of accommodation facility because some of these facilities are better than camping.

The restaurants are also providing definable facilities to the customers. You can eat a meal full of the tummy at a reasonable price. In short words, this place is also included top travel attentions of the domestic as well as international tourists.

10: Toli Pir

Toli Pir is the point of the derivation of three different mountain edges. It is the highest mountain that is situated in the northeastern area of Rawalakot, Kashmir. There are many tourist rest house available in this place.

Every kind of facility is available in these rest houses. Some old temples are also open on the highest top of the hill.

Can you believe this I Pakistan? Yes, it is the gift of God to the Muslims of Pakistan. Kashmir is only one that defies all other claims of domination; in simple words, we can say that nothing can be matched with the vivacity of the beauty of Kashmir.

It is not wrong if we say that Kashmir is Paradise. Kashmir is just like a worldwide recognized heaven.

However, Toli Pir is also one of the biggest mountains in Pakistan. The height of this mountain is almost 8800 feet above from the sea level. When you will reach the top of this mountain, then you feel like you are at the top of everything.

So, in the end, we want to say that our main object to write this content is that, when you read this content, you would be able to choose the best place to visit.

When you feel hesitation, to select the best place for the visit, then this article will help you to select a beautiful location in Jammu and Kashmir. So read this content carefully and enjoy yourself by visiting attention able places of Pakistan.