Shah Faisal Mosques

Top 10 Travel Attentions in Islamabad

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Usually, Pakistan is the country of South Asia. In which many places can get the attention of not only the people of Pakistan but as well as they also attain the attention of several foreign visitors every year. Every year the number of people has come to Pakistan to visit the historical places of Pakistan.

The main benefit of coming to the foreign visitors in Pakistan is that when they enter our country, they become the cause of increasing the sources of productivity and as well as it helps to reduce the number of jobless people.

But here in this article, we want to discuss only the more attention able travel place of Islamabad.

1: Shah Faisal Mosque

So let’s start, from one of the most famous places of Islamabad Shah Faisal Mosque, It is one of the more famous mosques of the world. The design of this mosque is total looks like a Bedouin tent; in simple words, we can say that it is purely a mixture of modern and traditional construction represented the ambition of Pakistan.

This Mosque is one of the largest Mosques of the world that hold up to 100,000 people in the courtyard and hall. Thousands of people can visit this mosque every year. Moreover, every kind of visitors allowed, but during the prayer, Non-Muslims are not allowed.

Overall, we can describe that it is an eye-catching mosque not only for Pakistanis but as well as every people in the world.

The Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan, includes the sixth-largest Mosques of the world. It covers almost 54000 square feet area that provides for the big room, prayer hall, courtyard adjoining grounds, and as well as patios, etc.

The construction of this mosque was completed from 1986 to 1993. During this significant period, there are many changes made in the map and the design of this mosque. At last, in the age of Hassan ll, it was completed.

Now the day it is considered as the National Mosque of Pakistan. We remained that from 1986 to 1993 it is the biggest mosque in the world.

After that, many people want to know where the Shah Faisal Mosque is situated? Shah Faisal Mosque is located in the northern end of the Islamabad near the prominent area Margalla Hills.

The perfect city and position of this mosque enable us to be seen from the miles around with a beautiful environment of Margalla Hills.

2: Pakistan Monument

Pakistan Monument

The second most famous place of the Islamabad is the Pakistan Monument. It is another most famous place in the world. The massive and eye-catching monument is the symbol of national unity, national strength, and as well as the cultural diversity of Pakistan.

The shape and design of this monument are more unusual. The way of this monument is just like a blooming flower.

Many people want to know the hidden secrets of this monument’s shape. Most people visit this monument almost one time. But you don’t know the secrets of 4 petals of this monument.

The central four leaves of this monument represent the four provisions of Pakistan. And on the other hand, 3 little petals represent the smaller regions like Kashmir.

The Pakistan Monument is considered as the National Monument of Pakistan. It is mainly constructed for the honor of those people who forfeited their lives for the independence of Pakistan.

As well as the main objective behind the construction of this monument is that it represents the cultural, civilization, and history of Pakistan and the essential spotlight on the chronological proceedings of the Pakistan Movement.

The monument provides a great look at Islamabad. You know the Lok Virsa Museum is also situated near this monument. If we are going to the deep history of 4 petals, it stands for 4 provincial of Pakistan, which represented united and together.

Also, one of the best exciting things is that crescent and star. The bow and star are fixed in the 4 petals. When you look at this, it seems like these petals protect this crescent and star.

First of all, the crescent and star present the whole Pakistan, and when we saw all petals protect this crescent and sun, it is the symbol of the progress, unity, and humanity of Pakistan.

3: Daman-e-Koh

Everyone who is the citizen of Islamabad knows that this city delimited by the stunning and verdant Margalla Hills, and the citizens of Islamabad enjoy the beautiful and impressive place. Here we want to discuss the little theory of Daman-e-Koh.

Mostly people from other cities want to know that what the Daman-e-Koh is. It is one of the best and famous historical and as well as picnic point of the world.

Almost 30 minutes walk, you must reach the surface of this Hill. It offers you spectacular outlooks of the city Islamabad, especially of the Faisal Mosque. We are saying that when you stand at the peak of this Hill, you saw almost every aesthetic sense and place of the city Islamabad.

Every person knows that Daman-e-Koh is a very famous and more attractive viewpoint on Margalla Hills. It has a wonderfully landscaped garden. There are several upright and straight restaurants, and shops are available in this place.

The full view is the main attraction of this place. It provides the facility with a complete picture of Islamabad city.

If we discuss here the history of Daman-e-Koh, then we can say that it is the viewing point, and as well as it is one of the most toppers of hill gardens of the world.

It can be considered one of the popular and famous destinations of the visitors of foreign countries and as well as to the visitors of the capital (Islamabad).

4: Shakarparian

Shakarparian is another excellent and more attention able place of the capital of Pakistan. It is situated in the main urban area of the south of the city.

This area is full of gardens and trees that provide a wonderful welcome to visitors not only to the town but as well as outside of the city and the foreign visitors.

Here we want to say that when anyone goes to another country to visit the historical places, it is excellent news for the prosperity and progress of the country because the people from the other countries spend their money in our country to meet the necessaries.

They prove very good for the development of business in the best manners. You know the most business activities depend on these historical places like hotels, restrooms, and restaurants, etc.

Most people go to Shakarparian in the shape of the group for a visit. This place can be considered one of the best and beautiful areas not only in Pakistan but as well as all around the world just for fun, enjoyment, and eye-catching views.

Moreover, we can say that the Shakarparian can represent the history of Islamabad, and it allows the visitors to take a gaze at Islamabad history as well.

5: Islamabad Zoo

If you listen at once about Islamabad Zoo, you must want to visit this place. You know it is the super and fantastic place of Islamabad as compared to the other historical sites. Here you want to know how we can say it is a super and strange place.

Yes, your question is right; we are here to give all answers to your questions.

So, the main reason that becomes this place more amazing is that the time of the afternoon, especially for those people who travel with their kids and come from out of cities.

It is situated in the area of several square feet. Mostly the people go into this zoo with our family and friends. During the visit, primarily kids enjoy more as compared to the younger and older.

In this zoo almost all kind of wild creature is available, that includes wild animals and birds. Most children are much surprised and feel enjoyment when they saw any wild animal in reality.

The loin, lipids, wild monkeys, baboons, elephant, bear, deer’s, sparrows, parrots, bellows, snacks, wild hours, zebras, tigers, chimpanzees and many other kinds of wild animals are available in this zoo. In short, we can say that this zoo is a vast collection of native and striking animals and birds.

6: Saidpur

Saidpur is also known as a tornado tour. It is not only the cultural history of Islamabad but as well as it represents overall the cultural history of Pakistan. Saidpur is situated just one kilometer from the city of Islamabad.

In the last century, in this place, a Hindu village was alive. This place is very famous for its skill in stoneware.

At this time, it is also known as a Model Village of Islamabad. This place shows the number of handicrafts from various regions of the country. If you need to know about the history of Saidpur village, so keep a connection with us and read this content carefully.

Sultan Said khan was the Gakhar Chief of this region during the period of the Mughal Emperor Zaheer-ud-Din Babur. When his daughter was married to Jahangir, then he gifted this village to his daughter.

After a passage of time, in the age of the Sikh regiment, the town was transformed into the Hindu adoration place by the Raja Man Singh. In these days, these Hindu temples show the Hindu culture in the state.

7: Lok Virsa Museum

Numbers of people want to visit this place when they go to Islamabad. I am also gone to Islamabad with a school tour at the age of childhood. There I saw many old things like weapons and many more.

This museum is helpful for that person who can search the old thing rather than ancient war weapons and animals. Lok Virsa Museum is situated just five minutes from the Pakistan Monument. The original meaning of the Lok Virsa Museum is the “place of people’s traditions.”

In this place, you can see several things that belong to Pakistan’s traditions. It is one of the beautiful and most beautiful exhibits that exemplify the exclusive cultural and culture of Pakistani people.

The UNESCO association can manage the total work of this museum. This museum can be maintained and conserved by the other organization’s donations.

Not only the kids but as well as younger and older also want to visit this place. When you visit this place, you learn many things about the culture and tradition of Pakistan.

The pieces of ceramics, art, religious status, art, images of old traditions, Images of great leaders of Pakistan with beautiful statements, old traditional musical instruments, architectural remnants, and many more are available in this museum.

You can see everything during walking through outside of the garden. It has six big galleries of Buddhists that show the full image of Sufi shrines of old antiquity.

8: Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake can be considered one of the biggest lakes in Pakistan. It is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan.

When we come down from the Margalla Hills, the Korang river dispense into the Rawal Lake, and the Malpur village is also situated in this place that can be considered the district of Islamabad. This place covered by shady trees.

Most people can consider it as a lovers point. Several couples come to this place to enjoy the natural beauty of God. After the great independence of Pakistan on 14 August, 1947, Karachi becomes the country’s capital for many years.

In the era of Ayub Khan, he decided that the Islamabad can be considered as the capital of the state. Maybe you know very well the Islamabad is the first city of Pakistan that was built by the master plans.

Rawal Lake can be deemed as an artificial lake that is built on the Korang River, Islamabad, which lopes from the Margalla Hills. If we talk about the history of this lake, then we start from the beginning.

It was built in 1962, by the decision of Punjab Government to fulfill the water shortage in this area. These days, the Department of Punjab irrigation Small Dams Organization (SDO) can manage the spillways, water level, and as well as other relevant technical facets of Rawal Dam.

It can be considered the biggest Lake in Pakistan due to the reason of depth. The maximum extent of this lake is 31 meters (102 feet). It holds an area of almost 8.8 square kilometers. Walking paddle and motorboats are one of the greatest and immense activities for families and friends.

9: Monal Restaurant

Monal Restaurant is the most famous place in Islamabad. It is situated nearby Daman-e-Koh Park. Chicken and rice is an affordable and high-quality product of this restaurant. Other things like Bar-B-Q products are also very famous due to the taste.

Several people visit this place to taste these great menu products like seekh kebabs, South Asian rice Biryani, and many more. According to the trip idea, it is ranked all over the world due to the delicious dishes.

I also visit many restaurants in Islamabad and taste the different dishes, but so far, after a few years ago, I never forget the taste of Monal Restaurant dishes. It is fully awesome. But during my meal, my all-time favorite thing is Cheese Naan.

I have visited many countries and eat a meal in the most famous restaurants, but I have never tasted such a naan anywhere all around the world.

Services of this restaurant are also appreciated. The waiters and as well as the manager, are always ready for you to provide any services.

They organized everything in the profession manners from placing the cutlery on the table to clearing out the dishes of the meal. We can say that they provide their service honestly with perfect methods.

The behavior of all service providers of this restaurant is very accommodating and cherished. Last time when I visit this restaurant, I started my meal with biryani and Chicken Corn Soup.

This was very tasty. After that, I tasted some garlic bread and fish crackers. But the rich flavor of the soup was purely exciting. If I have a right to give the marks to the Manal Restaurant according to the meal products and services, then I would give it ten marks out of ten.

10: Fatima Jinnah Park

Fatimah Jinnah Park is situated in the center of Islamabad, Pakistan. According to size, it is one of the biggest parks in Pakistan. It is also an attention durable and eye-catching point for the local and foreign visitors.

It has some extensive jogging and walking tracks. The citizen is walking on this track and feels enjoyment. Many beautiful sights are available in this park. This park has a large separate area for kids playing.

Whenever you visit this park, you will see many pools, monuments, and as well as bronzes in this park. In simple words, we say that it is an amazing and excellent place not only for walking but for taking memorable photos as well like travel in Karachi. Visit for more information