Latest News: President Donald Trump Has a ‘Bad’ Front.

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US President Donald Trump has a ‘bad’ face. More frightening information could come out against him in the prosecution investigation. And Trump is under tremendous fear. The data was reported in a news agency AFP report on Tuesday.

A public hearing began on “Capitol Hill” last Wednesday over Trump’s prosecution investigation. This hearing is scheduled for the second week. The public hearing on the lower house of Congress is being started today. This hearing could have been more severe, more damaging to Trump.

At this week’s hearing, the House Intelligence Committee will investigate the testimony of six witnesses. The most important witness is Gordon Sunderland, US Ambassador to the European Union (EU). He is reported to have conveyed to the Ukrainian government the demands of Trump.

Diplomats, who have already testified at the closed-door hearings, will also testify at this year’s public hearing. The diplomats testified that Trump and Sunderland repeatedly pressured the Ukrainian government to launch an investigation against Democrat Joe Biden.

For so long, Trump has not been addressing the investigation. But this time, he changed the his tune. President himself has indicated that he will be involved in the study. He tweeted this on Monday. In a tweet, he said he was seriously considering testifying in support of the defense in the hearing on allegations of abuse of power. He can give a written statement.

An investigation into the accusation against Trump began on July 25, citing President Donald’s telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

In a series of leaked conversations, President Donald pressured Jalensky to investigate past business in Ukraine, Hunter Biden’s son Hunter Biden, the son of his potential rival Joe Biden, in the 2012 presidential election.

The House of Representatives launched an anti-President Donald investigation on September 26 against Trump over allegations of abuse of power.

President of The USA Tweet:


Trump Tweet

Today in 20th November President Trump Tweet ” A new poll has Independents opposing the impeachment of President Donald 10% more. This is not working with the American people. Especially Independents.”