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Latest News: Where Russia Ahead than the United States of America in the last 5 Years Statistic!

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Former US President Barack Obama ridiculed Russia as an “only regional power not globally” in the 21st. In the eyes of Obama, Russia is a country capable of annoying its neighbors, and it cannot influence the world.

Latest News is that Five years later, Russian President Vladimir Putin can now joke about remembering Obama’s day because Russia is now one of the players everywhere in the world stage.

Russia benefits from one-on-one diplomatic action taken by Trump. Now Russia is a country capable of annoying its neighbors, and it cannot influence all over the world.

Five years later, Russian President Vladimir Putin can now joke about remembering Obama’s day because Russia is now one of the players in the world stage.

For the past five years, Putin has firmly established Russia’s position in the international arena. He has embraced the crisis in the Middle East, building strategic relations with China. As well as making a relationship with Turkey, NATO has established a strong bond among its allies.

The Economist says Putin’s residence in Sochi, Russia, is considered a better place for US President Donald Trump’s Florida stay than Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdo ।an’s comfortable home in determining the fate of Syria.

For this purpose, Erdo ।an went to Russia on October 22. There, Erdoan held a joint military agreement with Putin. Russia’s influence in the Middle East has opened up for the deal. The day after Erdo ।an’s departure, the African leader went to Russia on October 23 in search of weapons and money.

Russian troops have deployed their positions in Syria a day before US forces. Bloomberg says this is a fact that Russia has surpassed the US in Syria’s crisis.

Earlier in October of this year, one of the allies of the United States welcomed Saudi Arabia Putin. King Mohammed bin Salman performed the Russian national anthem with the Saudi military in honor of Putin.

Putin has established a strategic alliance with China. Chinese President Xi Jinping thinks Russia can help with his big projects. China is trying to build a new warning system to prevent nuclear weapons attacks. Putin has promised to support the project.

US-tested allies in Europe are also seeking a softer look at Russia. France’s President Emmanuel Makho says Russia needs to ensure Europe’s security.

The question is, how did Russia make such an image of itself worldwide so quickly. In essence, Trump’s foreign policy and Putin’s ability to choose the right moment have given Russia such an opportunity.

US foreign policy magazine Foreign Affairs says Trump has interfered in almost every aspect of US foreign policy. This intervention did not bring blessings to the United States. At the height of national interest, Trump has taken US foreign policy out of the individual and government processes. This trend has increased in recent months. The US people are suffering from Trump’s plan, the country is losing allies, and US opposition, especially Russia, is gaining.

Just three years ago, the United States was one of the most powerful states in the world. The country could influence every critical issue in the world. But after coming to power, Trump has begun to take the United States out of everything.

While sitting in the President’s office, Trump has canceled several international agreements and negotiations. The trade agreement between the 12 countries was cut out of the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership.’ Canceled nuclear deal with Iran. Withdrew his nations from the Paris climate agreement. Trump has also removed from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty on a nuclear missile deal with Russia. Even, they are threatening various contracts and agreements and allies one after another.

Foreign Affairs says Trump refuses to make any decisions – foreign or internal. He does not even seek an expert opinion. Don’t go to a meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) to make national security decisions. Instead, take comfort in making decisions based on your knowledge.

Trump has already undermined the process of determining various US national security measures. He removes the skilled people who assess and manage the different security procedures.

Trump has created wounds on the credibility and efficiency of the US State Department. He wants to end the hard work of US diplomacy around the world. He has been somewhat successful in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, China, and North Korea in this style of running the Foreign Office.

But the injury is inside. Because of this practice, the distance between officials of the Foreign Office with the President has been created. The US national interest in running the country in such a manner has been disastrous, and it has been a blessing for Putin.

Bloomberg news daily says Putin’s tendency to be diplomatic. He believes that no country in the world has a permanent friend or foe. All that is there is eternal interest. Because of this, Putin adopted him shortly after the Turkish warplane that destroyed the Russian warship in the 21st. Recently, Turkey purchased a state-of-the-art S-7 sky defense system from Russia. This defense has added to the worry on NATO’s forehead.

On the other hand, US allies have taken steps to improve relations with the Arabs to influence the Middle East. He has visited the United Arab Emirates, also heading to Egypt. Alongside this, Putin has focused his attention on countries in Central Africa.

France withdrew from the East Colony of the Central African Republic in the 21st. This creates a vacuum in the balance of power in the country. Putin took this opportunity. Within a week of leaving France, Russian businesspeople appeared on behalf of Putin in the Central African Republic. Shortly afterward, Russian troops landed there.

Regarding Putin’s move, The Economist says he adheres to individual policies to move forward. He supports the Allies, manipulates all aspects of Russia, is extremely slow in times of crisis, and never leaves a place that his opponents can afford.

Of course, Russia is far behind the US in terms of global economic influence. According to Economics, there is a wide gap between the realities of Russia and the existence of the financial agreement. Russia has made $ 5 billion in trade with countries in the sub-Saharan region in the past 20 years.

At the same time, the US trade in the area was $ 120 billion. Russia is a bit shaky in this area, even in the military. Putin claims he has signed at least five joint military agreements with African nations. But until now, Putin has not shown any significant trials without some secondary military training in those countries.

Even in his own home, Putin could not solve many problems. The amount of money deposited by Russia is down for six years. The Russian people are outraged by the constant corruption. So to make Russia’s influence worldwide in the Soviet-style, Putin has to walk a long way, both at home and abroad.