Latest News: Justice Says Presidents Are Not king! Reminds to Trump

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The Latest News is that Justice Says “The USA Constitution clearly states that Presidents are not kings.” This sentence, of course, is not supposed to be the right choice for Donald Trump.

At least he has been talking about his actions since he was elected President. And so a federal judge was forced to remind President Donald Trump. Federal Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson spoke on Monday in a lawsuit filed by Democrats seeking the testimony of former White House adviser Don McGowan.

US president Donald Trump

CNN reports that House Democrats were suing for evidence from former White House adviser Don McGann. In settlement of the case, the federal court sharply criticized the White House as well as the Donald Trump presidency. The court also commented that the Donald Trump administration is not advocating any rules.

President Trump has already crossed the threshold of power. Not only did he increase his power as President unjustly, but his conduct also had a far-reaching impact on US politics.

Putting pressure on Ukraine by abusing power, hiding its financial information, various issues unresolved in the report of Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating Russian interference in the last presidential election, and considering themselves above accountability – are now under discussion.

Latest News is that CNN reports that Donald Trump’s various activities have raised questions about the President’s power range. This is the question Democrats raise in court, where they can be said to have won. The White House forced to admit legal defeat in the question of the President’s power. Through this, several legal battles have appeared before them. Now they have to be busy with these.

The House of Representatives has been trying since April to accept the testimony of Don McGann, a former White House adviser. But he refused to testify. McGuire’s statement has initially been sought in the Robert Mueller investigation report, where Donald Trump interrupted the Russian-related investigation. But the administration also obstructed such testimony. The President directly claimed that McGann was subject to impunity. But on Monday, Justice Jackson dismissed the President’s demand for a settlement of the case.

In court, Justice Jackson cited the Presidency as quoting the father of the United States, “Two and a half years of American history testify to the fact that presidents are not kings.” Then Jackson said, “It is arguable that all former and current White House staffers work for the United States. They are responsible and at the same time, secure the security and security of the US Constitution The way. “

The Ministry of Justice will appeal the order issued by a federal court. The White House is considering the issue in connection with the ongoing prosecution investigation. Trump has previously reported that no administration official will testify in the prosecution investigation. However, his position is also being criticized. Again the question is, what is the power of the President of the United States?

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