Bible Reading Plans

How to Stick to Your Bible Reading Plans

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When someone eyes Bibles for sale, they instinctively dream of themselves reading it regularly. But like with all dreams, it is easier to say than do it. When life becomes busy, and there are many commitments to fulfil, people forget to read the word. Here are some tips that can help keep up the reading momentum.


Planning goes before execution when it comes to executing any task. When people set impractical goals, they are setting themselves up to fail. So do not start with planning to read a whole book of the Bible every day. Rather, start at a more comfortable pace. Reading one chapter a day seems like a more achievable goal.

When the goals are too intimidating, people are more likely to quit the habit. This outcome happens with fitness journeys quite often. Going to the gym seven days a week for a beginner is an unrealistic objective. Instead, planning to go 3 or 4 times a week ensures that one sticks to the habit regularly. 

Determine the Why:

This aspect is the newest discovery by experts in habit formation. Knowing why an activity is vital and the effect it can have will determine the overall motivation to do it. Along with forming habits comes the responsibility of knowing why it is essential in the first place? Ask the following questions:

  • Why do this?
  • What is the goal?
  • What is the reasonable time to spend on the habit each day?
  • What time of the day is more appropriate?
  • Which tool will best serve the goal?

Depending on individual answers to these questions, come up with appropriate plans and ideas. People are more likely to succeed when they know the reasons behind their motivations.

For instance, if the goal is to read the complete Bible in a year, then based on the schedule, set aside 30 minutes each day. If the work starts at 9 am, wake up early to make time for it. Once the behaviour becomes a habit, it is easier to keep doing it, like brushing every morning!

Remove all barriers:

One can elevate the chances of being successful by eliminating all excuses and making the reading more comfortable. Do what is necessary to make the exercise engaging, be it one’s favourite version, notebooks, colourful pens, or an ideal spot. So go to this spot at the same time for an undisturbed moment.

Susanna Wesley had 18 children, and 2 of them went on to become history-defining missionaries. It may seem surprising how she found time for God each day. But she used to wear an apron over her head every afternoon during her time with the word. And the children knew better than to disturb Mamma during this time.

No matter how busy or overwhelming life might be, one can find the time if one prioritises. Setting a consistent time and place is crucial to this goal.

Make it enjoyable:

Habits are more fun and easy to follow when people look forward to them. If a particular translation is easier to follow, look for Bibles for sale that have it. Take notes and organise them.

Get friends on board:

Many will vouch for the effectiveness of this practice. Together people have more strength to follow through with their plans. It instils accountability and partnership, both of which are beneficial for a Bible reading plan.

Share the takeaways from each reading with each other. Talk about how God works in life in different ways. It is more pleasing in the Almighty’s sight when people come together to study His word.

The vital thing of all is to get started. So start today!