Bicycles, scooters

Bicycles, scooters and safety devices

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For every growing child, the passion for riding bicycles will be high. According to the Australian department of health, every child should do vigorous activities three days a week to have good health. One of the best activities recommended is cycling or bike riding. This activity keeps kids healthy and helps to develop social skills. So giving kids bicycles to children help them develop skills and better health. In Australia, several parks and bike riding routes are available for kids. But, safety is crucial in cycling, so use proper safety items.

Bicycle vs scooters- which is better?

Both bicycles and scooters help keep one active. But the cycle requires more physical strength to operate. For children, there are several kids bicycles available. They have much less weight to aid in handling. Although, for small kids, scooters are much easier to use. Lower weight and ease of use makes it a preferable choice. But for adults, it is always better to go for bicycles.

Safety equipment

  • Helmet: In Australia, By a study from the University of NSW, there is a 70 per cent reduction in serious head injuries with the help of helmets. This data shows the necessity of wearing helmets for saving a life.
  • Knee and elbow protection: Accidents can happen anytime, so the best way is to prepare for them. During bicycle accidents, most commonly, injury occurs to the knee and elbows. By wearing proper knee and elbow protection, the person can avoid this injury.
  • Chest protection vests: These vests are designing to absorb the force while falling. The force acting on the chest during the fall can break ribs. And it increases the severity of the injury. A chest protection vest absorbs the energy of impact and saves the rider from serious injuries.
  • Gloves: Gloves protects from injuries and weather conditions. It avoids the sweating of palms, bruises from long rides, etc. It also helps to evade direct exposure to rain, sunlight and snow.
  • Goggles: Usually, the air contains many dust particles, and the presents of other vehicles increase this. Goggles prevent the dust particles from entering the eyes and causing problems.

Necessary accessories every rider requires

Australians are always fond of riding bicycles. For improving the quality of riding, there are many accessories available in the market. Some of the necessary accessories are,

  • Bottle cages: Many Australians like to go long distances on bicycles. But riding cycles requires high energy, and the water content in the body will reduce fast due to sweating. Keeping hydrated is necessary while cycling. A bottle cage can hold water-filled bottles of different capacities to accomplish this task.
  • Bells: Bells are necessary to avoid hitting others while riding. Cycles are quieter than other vehicles, and due to this feature, pedestrians may not be able to know bicycles coming from behind. A bell can be used to alert pedestrians of the incoming cycle.
  • Lights: There are some essential lights required by the bicycles. Those who wish to cycle in the night should attach a headlight to get enough visibility of the road. It also helps other drivers to identify the cyclist. Brake lights and night lights can also improve safety while riding.
  • Locks: Many Australians use cycles as a daily commute to their offices. Such people may be required to park the cycle in public. To stop thieves from stealing the cycle, the owner can use a cycle lock.
  • Mudguards: Mudguards avoids the splashing of mud and water from the tyres of the cycle.
  • Pumps: Bicycle tyres are filling with air, and after long rides, the air pressure will reduce. This reduced air is not feasible for riding. An air pump can help in such situations to refill the air.