Head Shaving: A pro guide!

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Meta Description – Here’s a step-to-step guide for a seamless head shaving experience. Find out how you can be a pro at head shaving using a good-quality head razor.

Proper grooming and confidence are essential to sport the bold-bald look! A shaved head has forever been a classic men’s hairstyle owing to the masculinity and sex appeal it reflects. Look around and you’ll find so many bald head folks who stand second to none when it comes to good looks and appeal.

Do you ever wonder what’s their secret to looking so handsome and dashing with a bald head? Well, the answer is simple i.e. a perfect head shaving regime. While many assume that with the hairs gone you don’t really have much to do about the hairstyle and care, it’s completely iffy. Although a shaved head relieves you of hefty haircare efforts, it does require basic grooming to ensure it looks good. Nothing is worse than a dry-haired or bald head that appears clumsy and untidy.

So, whatever be your hairstyle preference, it is important that you maintain it well. Speaking of bald hairstyle maintenance, there are very basic things that must be followed religiously to maintain the striking bald appeal. Missing out on any of these can increase the chances of quick razor burns and scars on your shaved head that grabs unwanted attention. Using a good-quality head razor is apparent as it’s quite difficult to have a smooth head shave without it. But is that all? No, there’s much more to a perfect head-shaving regime. It includes a quick pre-shave and aftershave care routine that maintains the smoothness of the head surface.

Head shaving regime: A quick overview

A perfect head-shaving regime can be divided into three different phases that are as follows:

  • Pre-shave: As the name suggests, everything that you do before shaving your head falls under the pre-shave category. This includes cleaning, trimming, and applying a pre-shave oil that prepares the head surface for a smooth and quick head shave.
  • Shaving: This is the main step where you use a head razor to glide over the dome structure for a close and quick head shave. For this, using a modern electric head shaver is best suggested to get the best results.
  • Aftershave: Since your scalp region is razored after a head shave, it is likely to turn sore and red. That’s why aftershave care is required to soothe the skin and prevent any kind of infection or irritation. This includes hot towel compressions, applying an aftershave lotion, etc.