Effortless head-shave: A step-to-step guide

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Having a smooth and shiny bald head requires routine grooming and basic maintenance. It is much more than grabbing a head razor and gliding it across the head. Doing this might result in sharp razor cuts and burns that can make your shaved head look appalling. Hence, it is important to get used to a standard shaving routine that will make you a pro at head shaving.

While there’s a lot you can add to your regular head shaving routine, here’s a standard step-to-step guide for an effortless head shave:

STEP 1: Wash & Trim

The first step to a smooth and effortless head shave includes washing and trimming the small hair strands across the head region. Many think that washing is not necessary due to the absence of dense hairs. Well, that’s completely wrong. Since your head is exposed to direct sunlight and dust particles, it is important to wash it frequently. The tiny hair strands may block the razor blades while gliding and hence should be trimmed beforehand.

STEP 2: Apply a Pre-shave oil

Pre-shave oil is often dropped from the shaving kit as people assume it to be fancy and of no actual utility. However, it’s untrue and one should always use pre-shave oil for best shaving results. Good-quality pre-shave oil is made of essential oils and elements that smoothen the scalp surface and form a protective layer against any deep razor cuts and burns. You can have a smooth and quick shave without having to glide over the same areas repeatedly.

STEP 3: Shave using a head razor

Once you are done with the pre-shave phase, it’s time to grab a head razor and begin shaving. Using a modern electric head shaver is best advised as it facilitates both wet and dry shaves. No matter whether you are traveling or in hurry, you can enjoy a smooth head shave without requiring any additional resources. You can begin shaving with or against the grains which is a completely personal choice. Pick one and continue to follow the same throughout.

STEP 4: Cleanse & Apply an aftershave

Once you have covered all the areas across the head, it’s time to wash it thoroughly using water and a mild cleanser. This will remove all the sticky hair bits and give a shining bald head. Apply an aftershave lotion following the cleaning to calm down the razored scalp and soften it. This will ensure that no infection or inflammation sustains after the head shaving is over.