Korean Sunscreen Brands

The Best Korean Sunscreen Brands for Flawless Skin

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What’s so great about Korean sunscreen brands is that Korean women have long been known for their pale even skin tones, and this isn’t just because of genetics. It has to do with the way they care for their skin daily, including lots of sleeping.

Wearing sun protection and using SPF-infused beauty products. staple Korean Sunscreen Brands, we’ve got everything you need to know right her

What Makes Good Korean Sunscreen?

Korean sunscreens, skincare and makeup products are wildly popular, but not all Korean sunscreens are created equal. You might assume that any sunscreen from Korea would be good because of its proven safety record preventing cancer.

But it turns out that some of these products could be harmful to your health. What makes an excellent Korean sunscreen brand? We’ve compiled a list of qualities to consider when making your choice.

3 Must-Have Ingredients

Some brands and formulas contain ingredients that others don’t, so it’s essential to read labels carefully. After comparing several popular brands, we found a few commonalities in their ingredient lists.

For example, almost all of them contain sunflower oil for a moisturizing effect and zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for a physical barrier against UV rays. Chemicals called avobenzone, and oxybenzone works best when applied topically. 

You should look for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher since anything less won’t adequately protect your skin from sun damage over time.

Wear Under Makeup?

If you’re planning to wear your sunscreen every day, it might be a good idea to put on your makeup after applying your SPF. If you already have a product that contains sunscreen, such as BB cream or tinted moisturizer, then no worries.

You can easily use those products before putting on makeup. Just because there’s SPF in some of these products doesn’t mean they last all day long.

Can I Bring Them on a Plane?

You won’t have to separate your acids and oils. You’ll want to fill your liquids in 3.4 oz or smaller containers, and don’t forget all drinks and creams.

Must be placed in a quart-sized bag with your other liquid items. If you like to carry around big bottles of toner or essences, they count as both a liquid and a cream so that you can put them in one container for up to 3.4 oz.

How To Shop for the Right One

Shopping for sunscreen can be an overwhelming task, especially since there are seemingly a hundred different types of sunscreens at your local drugstore. But before you get overwhelmed by all of those options.

Stop to think about what you need in sunscreen. Start with these three criteria SPF prices and whether or not it’s natural or chemical-based. Once you have that narrowed down, things become much more manageable.


Finding a sunscreen that protects your skin without causing breakouts is always a struggle, especially if you’re looking for an Asian brand however, thanks to Sensoo.

If you suffer from acne even after applying makeup products on top of sunscreen, make sure you read up on how to prevent acne during your skincare routine.