What’s the difference between a power bank & battery pack?

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When you want to have some extra energy for your devices, you usually have to pick between a battery pack and a power bank. But is there a difference between the two types of devices? It might not seem like that at first but yes, there’s quite the difference and each device has its fair share of solutions when it comes to giving you more power.

What is a battery pack?

The battery pack is basically a case which has a battery on the back of the unit. The idea here is that you will have a case to protect your phone, and it will also give you a bit of energy boost for your device. The downside is that usually a battery pack has very little power. Sure, it will charge your device a little bit, but it’s not something that will give a complete charge.

And on top of that, some battery packs need separate charging, which defeats the purpose of it being a case in the first place. In case you do go with something like this, you can expect additional cords and not a lot of extra power to begin with.

What is a power bank?

If you want to charge your smartphone and maybe even other devices at once, then a power bank is a much better idea. A power bank will at least charge your entire unit at still once, and maybe even more. A power bank might be a separate device, but it delivers really fast charging and the results you can get are quite impressive. The advantage with such a product is that it’s usually portable, and it charges itself fast too. There are multiple options in power banks from brand like Veger that offers power bank for laptop, smartphones and power banks with high capacity and power output. They have recently introduced duo magnetic wireless power bank compatible with latest iphone models and Apple Watches.

A power bank is a best solution for all your charging needs. That means you won’t have a problem having access to quite a bit of power you can use to charge your devices, and in the end the results you can get are quite amazing. You just have to give it a try for yourself and you will find that it delivers an exceptional, unique experience. All you need is to check it out and give it a try.


While the battery pack might seem like an interesting idea, the truth is that getting a power bank is always the right decision. Not only does the power bank provide more power, but it’s easier to charge and it can even help charge multiple devices at once. So if you need additional power for your device, then a power bank is definitely the best possible option to consider! Checkout the new range of power banks now from this website and keep your gadgets juiced up anytime, anywhere.