Countries where gamblers go tax free

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Many people ponder whether taxes are being imposed on sports better, casino goers and lottery winners. Well, an answer to it is taxes are not imposed on gamblers in all countries, there are some selective countries that don’t charge taxes on gambling. These countries consider gambling an entertainment activity rather than professional activity and thus they don’t make any system on collecting taxes from gamblers and there is no decided tax rate for the same.

Moreover, recreational players don’t rely on gambling as a source of income since the goods are skewed against them due to which they suffer in the long-run. Hence, there is no worry about paying taxes on your casino winnings if you are living in these selective countries which don’t have taxation policy for casino goers. Now you must be eager to know the names of these countries, so here we preset the list of countries that follow a tax-free jurisdiction for casino winnings.

  1. The United Kingdon-

Casino, lottery and sports wagering activities are tax free in UK. But this wasn’t the case earlier. There was a time when the profit of British punters was subjected to be 9%, but then in the year 2001 it was abolished by now Former president Gordon Brown. The taxes are charged on gambling businessmen instead the percentage duty varies, depending on the specific betting product on offer. Moreover, the taxes are imposed on online casinos in the UK which are subjected to general betting duties.

  • Canada-

Federal and Provincial levels regulate the taxation policy in the Great White North. The precise policy framework varies for different provinces and so does the tax rates for the licensed gambling operators at a provincial level. Taxes up to 28% are subjected to the licensed gambling operators. On the other hand, for casual players and winners it’s totally free, as they don’t come under tax jurisdiction. Hence, gamblers enjoy their fullest without having worries as all amount they win belongs to them entirely. Only professional gamblers are charged with taxes if their main source of earning is gambling.

  • Australia-
  • Professional and recreational gamblers are both exempted from paying taxes on their winnings. However, the and is not same with the remote business owners of casino. Their revenue taxed on a point of consumption basis. The tax rates imposed for remote betting companies are again state specific. Moreover, the tax is charged on online gambling base but again not entirely, only those who are licensed and registered are supposed pay taxes. Licensing and registration are the two main legalities you need to undergo to own a legal casino online.
  • Malayasia-
  • Gambling money is non-taxable in Malaysia, so you can just keep the money with you without paying anything for it. Anything that you get as winning, wind fall gain or lottery is all considered as gift for taking the high risk. Hence, the government keeps the winners away from taxes and lets them enjoy their win. However, there exists strict provision for land-based casino businesses and they are counted as tax payers because that is their ultimate source of income. Besides, online casinos are also subjected to taxes like online slot Malaysia, are subjected to service tax.
  • Sweden
  • Since 2002 Sweden is enjoying the benefits of legal gambling but according to the history of there was a monopoly market for gambling in Sweden. Where there were only state-owned gambling companies. But with the passage of time and with the introduction of digitalization the monopoly was put out of the system. After the end of monopoly new Swedish Tax policy came into existence, which imposed taxes on profit earned by the gambling companies. The tax is subjected to 18% and it is compulsory to pay. Here, the noteworthy thing is if you tend to play with non-licensed gambling operators then you will be charged taxes on your winnings. Hence, if you want to gamble and take all the money with you then you must choose licensed gambling operators.
  • South Africa
  • Winning recreational gambling is exempt from paying taxation in most cases. Only horse riding is an exception which is subjected to 6% tax, it is charged on the profits earned from the winning and deducted as Value Added Tax. Moreover, there are no such rules made for charging tax on the winners but there are policies that take the owners of the gambling places under jurisdiction. The taxes are imposed on traders of gambling, as their main source of income is gambling.
  • Belgium
  • Winnings from lotteries and any other games of chance are exempted from taxation policy. The charges are not made to the winners of the lotteries or gambling money and they are free to enjoy their win and take all the money they have without paying for it. However, again there is strict jurisdiction for those who own gambling businesses and count it as their real source of money. Moreover, all the online casino platforms which are licensed and registered strictly come under tax policy and have to pay tax yearly depending on the offerings and earnings they make in the financial year.
  • Conclusion
  • These are some of the countries that exempt tax on winning from lottery, gambling and sports betting. You can fully and freely take part without worrying about paying tax on your winnings, as the whole amount belongs to you, if you earn 1 million ringgits then the whole 1 million is yours. Although you need to pay attention if you are placing your bets through licensed and registered trading platforms only otherwise you have to pay tax anyways if you choose a non-licensed company for windfall gains. Moreover, we see the ones owing casino businesses and trading in it has to pay tax without fail, the rate of amount differs from country to country, sometimes it also differs on the basis of different provinces or states this we mainly see in case of big countries. Hus, have a great gambling time if you reside in these countries and enjoy all your wins.