What is Temazepam?

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Temazepam belongs to the sedative-hypnotic class benzodiazepine. This therapeutic is used to treat patients suffering from insomnia and may be sold under the common brand names such as Restoril, Euhypnos, Normison, Norkotral, Nortem, Remestan, Temaze, Temtabs, and Tenox among others. This medication is used to induce sleep, reduce recurrent awakening during sleep, and to provide better quality and quantity of sleep.

According to LiverTox (2012), the medication was accepted by the USA in 1981 and ever since there have been about 8 million prescriptions filled every year. Numbers are also increasing rapidly in EU and other parts of the world.

This sedative-hypnotic comes in a tablet or liquid form and is taken orally. The therapeutic and its generic forms are available in 7.5mg (blue and pink capsules), 15mg (maroon and pink capsules), 22.5mg (opaque blue capsules) and 30mg (maroon and blue capsules), and should be administered according to the intensity of the sleep difficulty experienced by individuals. This medication may also be used for relaxation before dental and medical surgery as a pre-med.

Note: Approved generics may differ in packaging and name, due to trademark protection of brand products.

This article aims to provide more information on the above mentioned therapeutic by discussing how it works, how long it takes to work, side-effects, and precautions among other facets.

How does Temazepam work and how do I use it correctly?

The therapeutic works by directly binding to GABA A receptors and enhancing gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors (GABA) in the brain to increase its effects (muscle relaxation, sedation, ataxia, as well as motor impairment). These effects decrease activity in the brain, which in turn induces sleep.

This medication should only be recommended for a period of 7-10 days on average, as prolonged use may cause adverse effects. Because of the effect this medication has on the brain, it is important to note that it should not be co-administered other sedatives or used together with alcohol. See precautions below for more details.

Another common question asked by individuals is: How long does Temazepam take to work? A short-term treatment acts fast in the brain and usually takes about 30 minutes before calming effects present. It is advised that this medication should be taken at least half an hour before bedtime. The effects of this medication last for about 8 hours and are adequate for a good, undisturbed sleep.

Older adults will require a lower dosage (7.5mg) due to their higher susceptibility to adverse effects, while adults below the age of 60 may require a dosage between 15mg-30mg depending on the severity of their condition. Children below the age of 18 are not allowed to use this medication.

Does Temazepam work?

Remember that each individual is different in their biological make-up, what may work for one person, may not work for another. Having said that, there is evidence to prove that this medication has helped many people with inducing sleep. 

Patient reviews on online platforms have shown a considerable amount of positive feedback rating of 7.6 out of 10 on the effectiveness, ease of use and satisfaction of the medication compared to others.  There were 357 users that rated the medication, 65% reported very positive effects, while only 17% reported less satisfactory effects, and others reported no major effect or mild positive effects.

Some patients who did not receive the desired effects of other sedatives had to switch over to Temazepam or its generics and have found that it worked best for them. It helped them gain better quality and quantity of sleep, leaving them feeling more rejuvenated when awake. One patient who could not sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours a day when they were younger was prescribed this medication and ever since, they have had no trouble falling asleep seamlessly. Others reported that after taking this medication they were able to function much better the next day as well. 

 Side effects of Temazepam

These are rare or uncommon on the whole, but are beneficial to take note of, in case any become more severe:

  •         Dizziness or difficulty with coordination: Patients, who use the therapeutic and perform activities such as driving, may experience impaired coordination due to the dizziness the medication may cause. Patients should be advised to rest until the effects of the medication wears off.
  •         Short-term memory loss: Some patients may experience temporary short-term memory loss if they awake before the 7-9 hour sleep cycle.  Therefore, it is imperative for patients to take the medication when they are certain to have a full night’s sleep.
  •         Withdrawal symptoms: After discontinuation of the medication, some patients may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as vomiting, nervousness, involuntary shaking, stomach cramps and nausea.
  •         Patients who use alcohol or other sedative-hypnotic medication whilst administering Temazepam may experience severe drowsiness.


Precautions when using Temazepam

  •         This medication should not be taken during pregnancy or if you are planning pregnancy, as it may harm your unborn baby. Women, who are of the childbearing age, must consult their doctor to be put on birth-control pills.
  •         Using this therapeutic while breast-feeding is not advisable as it may pass to the infant through the breast milk and cause adverse effects to the baby.
  •         Make sure you research on any allergies you may have to benzodiazepines or other medications. If you have allergies, some ingredients of this medication may cause your allergies to act up. Therefore, it may not be suitable for you.
  •         It is also important to talk to your pharmacist about your medical history. If you have had breathing problems, liver, kidney or muscle disease, depression, suicidal ideation, and misuse or abuse of substances, make sure to inform your medical advisor.
  •         Make sure to also inform your pharmacist about any current use of medication such as anti-depressants, before syedlearns administering the use of this medication. This is because some interactions may cause more serious adverse effects.
  •         Do not perform activities after the use of this medication as coordination and normal functioning may be impaired due to possible unsteadiness, confusion, and drowsiness. Older adults may be susceptible to falling and getting injured if rest is not taken after using this medication.

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