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The bail is not the end of a legal case. It is simply the start to the most crucial part: the trial. Here are the five most vital guidelines to strictly adhere to when out on pretrial release.

Be Honest With Your Lawyer: Often, one has a desire to misrepresent or hide facts to ‘appear’ innocent in front of their defense attorney. There is an irrational fear that the attorney is a law enforcement agency whose purpose is to work for the law.

  • Remember that the attorney works for you and not for the law. They are on your side through the entire process and need the most accurate information to build a strong case.
  • Whether you perceive yourself as innocent or guilty, do not leave out any details. The final decision is in the hands of the jury, so if they find conflicting information from either party, the prosecution may use the support of witnesses to disprove your statements.
  • Any dishonesty, no matter how small, can complicate situations further. Without the complete picture of what happened, your lawyer will be helpless in court and face unnecessary trouble defending you.
  • Not only your lawyer, keep in mind the possibility of the prosecution cross-questioning you or defense witnesses. Thus, always speak the truth and maintain your statements without any fear.

Don’t Skip Trial: Failing to show up for your court-stipulated appearances is considered jumping bail.

  • Leaving the immediate area without permission is also considered skipping bail. Once this comes to the attention of law enforcement, the court can issue an arrest warrant.
  • As mentioned previously, the bondsman must be informed of legitimate reasons as to why you might miss your scheduled date. If notified in time, they may be able to petition the court and negotiate a compromise on your behalf, such as a rescheduled date.

Don’t Partake in Illegal Acts: It goes without saying, neither before, during, or after a trial should you attempt to get into legal trouble again. Staying out of illegal activities will only help you in the end. If any actors have a ‘bad influence’ in your life, keep your distance from them during bail. People want a reputable bondsman to help them with the legal procedure during and after bail. It is best to employ a bail bondsman located in your city for better access. In San Diego, people may look for reliable San Diego bail bonds services for a fast release from jail.

No Alcohol or Drugs: Despite this being covered in the previous point, it deserves its own statement. Substance abuse before trial is more common than expected and it brings your character and moral strength into question.

Don’t Travel Without Permission: Depending on the severity of the alleged crime, traveling will be restricted to a few kilometers during bail.

  • Consulting your bondsman is the best way to know about your specific restrictions. They will inform you of the details of your bond agreement.
  • Such situations might range from pre-scheduled trips, traveling as part of one’s job, or visiting an ill or a dying loved one.
  • Travelling will also prevent you from attending important regular check-ins with your bond agent and court officer. Furthermore, it is crucial to communicate any information to the court through your lawyer.

A speedy bail is vital to meet personal and family responsibilities, resume employment and prevent additional stigma from spending an extended period behind bars. Don’t think twice: make an appointment with bail bonds businesses and take the first step to freedom.