Mood Swings

What is Mood Swings for Women?

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There are very few boys who know or don’t care about girls’ mood swings! Although I did not understand before, now I know that this matter is a curse. 

If you ever see your mother, sister, girlfriend, girlfriend, wife, or daughter getting emotionally angry, unnecessarily angry, crying, screaming, and getting frustrated, please be sympathetic to them!

Most girls suffer from mood swings due to various reasons, including hormonal imbalance and menstrual cycle. Suddenly their behavior changed.

Over reacts! We call the girl psycho. But the girl is not a psycho. He is a man full of passion and love. Girls who suffer from mood swings are the most helpless animals in the world. They want to fight with you and treat you usually. 

But sometimes it does not happen. Over reacts. They don’t do that on purpose. They do this under the influence of different types of hormones in their body. Maybe he doesn’t even know how to handle his mood swings.

Their mood swings are mostly with their favorite people. He is happy to see this and has a big smile, but suddenly he noticed that he behaves differently. 

Maybe he wants something from you in his mind, but he can’t express it, he wants you to understand him, but when he sees his loved one will fulfill his desire, stay away and don’t know what he wants, he can’t control himself, that He changed in an instant because his hopes were not fulfilled. 

Overreacts with you! He recovers after a while, but you can’t catch his mood swing, so you either misbehave with him or avoid him. By doing this, the girl who is in a mood swing slowly withdraws herself from everyone.

Please don’t be rude to them, be a girl, but be someone who can cry with her head on her shoulder! To whom something can be said with an open mind! 

When everything seems wrong to them, they no longer tolerate themselves, everything seems meaningless, they want to scream and cry; Believe me, at that moment, all you need is a listening person, who will listen very patiently to the very messy and meaningless words with great attention. “