Tanning Studio Software

What Has Tanning Studio Software Changed?

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The latest and greatest in tanning studio software are the tanning booths that have been on the market for over 20 years now. But before we get into the latest and greatest tanning booth software, we should take a little time to look at some of the older versions out there.

Tanning booth software was made to be user-friendly to be used by many different people. This was a great benefit because it meant that there would be no need for anyone to go through training on how to use the equipment. Because of this ease of use, people who were not necessarily trained to work with this equipment could learn to use it. This was great for people who had no experience at all with working with tanning equipment.

Tanning Studio Software

Tanning salons have a variety of different types of tanning equipment available to them. The equipment is designed to give the salon owner as many options as possible. If one particular type of salon equipment isn’t suitable, a tanning studio software can be programmed to be used to change the gear. The software can make it easier to switch from one type of tanning bed to another. One of the things that can make or break a salon is how well they have stocked their tanning equipment.

Easy to Find Information: The excellent thing about Tanning Salon Software is that it was also easy to find information on the different equipment pieces in the tanning booth. That way, anyone who needed some help could easily find out exactly what they needed to know.

It was also prevalent for people to get together and meet in a public place where they would get to see what the other people were using the tanning equipment. There were even tanning club meetings where members of the tanning salon could get together and get the latest news about the new tanning equipment used by different salons.

  1. Need Technician to Solve the Problem:

Another thing that was common in the early days of tanning booths was when someone used it and had problems. One of the first things that they did was call the technician who was there to take care of them. They would not hesitate to contact the technician because they knew that the person who was there to take care of them would be the best person to solve their problem.

Because of this willingness to call the technician and not be embarrassed about it, the technician often came to resolve the problem promptly. This did not happen with many people because they did not have the confidence to do this.

2.Tanning Equipment:

One of the things that have changed in the last few years about tanning equipment is that there are many more people going to salons because they want to go tan more than they ever did in the past. So, the demand for equipment has increased dramatically.

3.Tanning Software Improve the Things:

Tanning studio software has changed because of this demand. The tanning salon is now a huge business that makes money from the equipment instead of renting it. You will be able to find that there is a lot of new and improved features in Tanning Software you can use.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your tanning results is to increase the amount of time you spend in the tanning booth. To do this, you can get a tanning station software that allows you to set the time of day you want to tan.

For example, you might be able to set the time of day to tan at two different hours after dinner or during the evening. You may also be able to set a time of day at which is better for your skin tones, such as the morning or the evening.

Another thing that you can change in the tanning studio time of day is the duration for which the light will come on. This means that you might be able to get much deeper tans if you spend longer in the tanning booth.

You might also be able to adjust how many times you get up and lay down when you are in the tanning booth. To do this, you can get a tanning station software that allows you to set a limit to how long you are in the tanning booth at a given time.

4.Track the Number of Tanning Beds:

Some of the better Tanning Salon Software will allow the user to track the number of tanning beds in use and how much room is left for the customer to wait in. The software will also monitor the amount of time the customers have been in the tanning area, and how long the waiting room has been open. The software will also allow the owner to know if there are problems with the tanning beds. Most salons will have a staff member who checks on the tanning beds periodically to ensure they are running correctly.


A tanning salon can be very profitable if they use the correct type of tanning equipment. The salon owner must be aware that some tanning equipment can give people an orange peel, which is incredibly unpleasant. People don’t like to wait in a tanning bed for hours, and they will leave the salon if they start getting sick. When the right tanning software like Wellyx, it will keep the salon busy and customers happy.