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Google Has A Plan to Disrupt the College Degree

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A decision taken by Google sounds to change the work future and the future of higher education. Google has decided to launch a variety of professional courses that improve the candidates’ understanding to enhance their performance in their jobs, which are highly in demand.

The Google Career Certificates are some courses launched by Google, which provide knowledge to the candidates about their foundational expertise, helping aspiring candidates find a perfect job quickly. This offers many benefits to the candidates by introducing them with certifications, which take around six months to complete instead of college degrees, which take years to complete. For finding an IT degree online visit

Google states that a person doesn’t require having a college degree to become strong economically. New job training solutions, which people can access easily, are to be introduced by Google. The training programs can be the vocational or online education system. The expenses of the new courses are yet not mentioned.

Meanwhile, Google offers some programs online to make the students understand the certification at a low price. If any candidate aspiring for the job prefers the online education system carried out by Google, it would cost him less than the amount of money they spend in colleges. Google also has plans for funding for new scholarships to support the newly made programs. 

Looking for a job after receiving the certificate

Unlike the colleges or universities that don’t correctly guide the students about the correct future path and work on it, Google confidently claims that it can prepare students for a high paying job by spending significantly less money and education. Google even claims that the students won’t be in debt for a lifetime and instead would engage themselves in a proper career path that would pay them a lot of money.

Google is offering three different courses, under which the candidates can get certified. After getting the certification, they can receive salaries based on their jobs. The job courses are,

  1. The position of project manager with an average annual income of 93,000 USD.
  2. The position of a data analyst with an average yearly salary of 66,000 USD.
  3. The position of User Experience designer with an average annual income of 75,000 USD.

Google states that it takes only those participants with the right expertise and the right calibre to get a job. No college degree or work experience is required by Google to hire the candidates. Google doesn’t even assign experienced teachers from colleges or universities. It instead appoints its employees for the teaching job. Senior employees carry out teaching because of their experience in their respective fields. Google assures the candidates that it would help find appropriate jobs for them after they complete their certification. It also ensures that they can share their information with the seniors in that field and get jobs for themselves.

Google itself comes out to offer initiations to the aspiring candidates who have finished their respective courses and received their certifications. 

Things that business owners must know

College degrees are essential for jobs in fields like medicine and law, but there are still many jobs that prefer a candidate’s caliber more than that of a university degree. Candidates can utilize the online educational courses provided to them and make optimum use of it. They can save a lot of time and money by taking the online courses and finding jobs in their respective fields based on their caliber instead of their college or university degree. Candidates themselves can give online training to other aspiring students after getting certified. This would help them in two ways. Firstly, they can make money themselves, and secondly, a more significant number of students would be introduced to this field, and many qualified and trained candidates would come out.

Things other people must realize

In today’s modern world, a person’s resume looks the same or, at times, more attractive having a credential of Google than that of any other university or college. The candidate’s resume would look the same prestigious having Google’s certification instead of having one from college or university. Career certificates of Google would offer the same and tough competition to that of the university’s systems. 

The Google career certification is a boon to the candidates, saving them a lot of time and money. The knowledge they acquire from Google’s online course would make the students equally knowledgeable as that of college and university studies.