The Proper Way to Clean and Store Vinyl Tarps

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It’s that time of the year when the colorful autumn gives way to the chilly winter, and we prepare to retreat ourselves inside our houses. We tend to keep away various things until the spring arrives as they do not have any use during the winter, like our outdoor furniture, lawnmower, farming tools, tractors, gardening tools, etc. And along with them, we also store a common item – the vinyl tarp

Many homeowners keep a clear vinyl tarp as they can be used to cover other objects, can work as a makeshift curtain, segment a section of an area, and for various other purposes. So, storing them with the advent of winter becomes important. Many set it aside without caring to clean and store it properly, only to find it useless in the following spring or summer. Improper storage can cause them irreversible damage. This article will guide you through the necessary steps that you should consider taking before storing your clear vinyl tarp. 

Cleaning your tarp

As soon as you take your clear vinyl tarp down, you must clean them thoroughly. If you decide to store it right away, it might lead to the growth of nasty bacteria, and a foul odor will build over time. Lay them on a clean floor and use a gentle soap to remove the dust, dirt, or spillage. Many vinyl tarp cleaning solutions are available in the market. You can get one of them. But a word of caution – never use detergents for cleaning the tarp. Use lukewarm water to rinse off the soap. Repeat on the other side.

Drying the tarp

You must make it a point to dry the tarp completely before keeping them away. It will take some time, but it’s better to give it the needed drying hours than regret later for not doing so. The best way to dry it would be to hang it with hanging clips. Wait for all the moisture to evaporate from both sides. If you store it in a damp condition, it will lead to discoloration. It might as well attract mold and mildew.

Folding the tarp

After your tarp has dried off entirely, you need to fold it properly. You can roll the tarp as well if that’s what is convenient for you. Do whatever is required to fit it in your storage area. However, be gentle in doing so, as haphazard folds might lead to the formation of creases that might cause tears in the future. 

Preferable locations for storing the vinyl tarp

Once you have taken the necessary steps to clean, dry, and fold or roll your vinyl tarp, look for a dry space to store it. You might not use it for quite a long time. So, a dry and cool area will keep the tarp well, and it will be ready to be used anytime you feel like it. Attics, warehouses, basements, garages, utility rooms are some of the best places to store your tarp. Try to keep them away from the wall and off the ground to keep your tarps as good as new. 


Follow these guidelines to preserve the effectiveness of your vinyl tarp.