Make the Most of Your Custom Banners – 4 Critical Steps

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Print marketing is still an effective marketing technique. Smaller businesses that don’t find success with their digital marketing efforts can benefit a lot by leveraging the power of print. Printed marketing materials are tangible, mobile, have high response rates, and help lend credibility to small-scale businesses.

According to marketing pros, hyperlocal businesses must mix digital marketing with targeted print marketing to raise brand awareness. But how can your company’s printed marketing materials stand out from the rest? How can they convince target shoppers to try out your brand?

Designing high-quality banners and posters aren’t rocket science. Here are four vital steps that small business owners must take while designing their printed marketing materials –

  1. Always Mention Customer Benefits

The main reason why consumers look at printed marketing materials is to look for offers that may benefit them. Far too many companies use the vast majority of the spaces on their printed marketing materials to –

  • Tell target customers about their companies’ history.
  • Mention the date the companies were founded.
  • Mention the name of the business founders, key stakeholders, etc.
  • Tell customers about the prizes they’ve won.

Never mention these details on your custom posters, banners, or any other printed marketing material. Your target customers won’t care about these boring and ineffective details. They’re likelier to appreciate your banner if it mentions –

  • A list of customer benefits that your brand provides.
  • Details about how your brand will solve their specific problems.
  • Special, time-limited offers.
  1. Call to Action

Many print ads don’t include any calls to action, offers, details about free consultations, etc. These ads never maximize the company’s return on investment in print ads. The only way to earn ROI from your custom posters, banners, etc., is by requesting people to contact your company. How can custom posters or banners convince people to contact your company?

  • Time-limited and targeted offers may compel some customers to contact your company.
  • Include scannable QR codes on your custom banners. Use these codes to track the people who checked out your business website after seeing your banners.
  • Include special discount offers for people who contact your company after seeing the banner.

Use these tricks to secure a healthy ROI on your banner printing investments. If ROI is low, switch up the design of your custom banners.

  1. Geographic Targeting

Printed marketing materials allow small businesses to target specific locations. Businesses that have local appeal must customize their banners for local audiences. Here are the types of businesses that benefit the most from adding geographically relevant details to their custom banners –

  • Local businesses that sell products/services to local community members
  • Local auto repair service providers
  • Neighborhood house cleaning companies
  • Lawn care service providers

Demographic Targeting

Custom banners, posters, etc., are very cheap. That means you can print hundreds of these items for very low fees. In addition to geographic targeting, also practice demographic targeting while designing your banners. That means creating custom banners for specific niche groups of people. Build your brand loyalty among certain types of audiences by using custom banners.