Boris Johnson

The British Prime Minister is Suffering from Coronas!

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is suffering from coronavirus. So he went to isolation on his own decision. Boris Johnson announced on his Twitter account.

Boris Johnson

British media reported the BBC on Friday. Johnson also posted a video on Twitter about the matter.

In a video message on Twitter on Friday, he said he had isolated himself after the coronavirus ‘positive’ test.

Reuters reports that Johnson had ‘mild symptoms’ in the past 24 hours. He then was diagnosed with coronavirus.

In the video message, Johnson said, “I am now in self-isolation. But in this fight against the virus, I will lead the government’s work through video conferences.”

However, if Johnson becomes seriously ill, then Foreign Minister Dominic RAB will take over.

Johnson had earlier approached a minister who had been affected by Covid-1. However, he refused to test the coronavirus.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said she was undergoing a health check at the suggestion of a chief medical officer in England after she was diagnosed with a mild form of Johnson’s disease on Thursday.

Then, in a video post on Twitter on Friday morning, Johnson appeared to have coronavirus positive in the test and said he was abiding by doctor’s instructions.

Johnson was one of the first world leaders to be infected with the virus. The day before, the Charles King of the British royal family was captured by the virus.

The property is believed to have infected the virus in the next few weeks due to Charles’ many duties as king.

Before Charles, some ministers and MPs from the United Kingdom suffered from coronavirus. On March 8, Nadine Doris Coronavirus, the UK’s Minister of State for Health and the Conservative Party, was reported to have been infected.

And in other countries around the world, Iran has ministers, MPs, and vice-presidents are among those affected.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter that he had been tested for symptoms of coronavirus in the past 24 hours. The test revealed a coronavirus infection. So I decided to stay in isolation voluntarily. However, I will serve as the Prime Minister at home.

As of Friday afternoon, 11,800 people have been infected with coronavirus in the UK. Out of these, 500 died in the country.