Coronavirus Updates: Half of the World’s People Imprisoned by Restrictions

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Half of the people in the world are living in captivity in some way, due to the stringent measures taken by different countries of the world to tackle the pandemic coronavirus.

In the meantime, the number of people affected by Covid-19 has crossed four and a half million; The death toll exceeds 25,000.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a panic around terrorism; a concerted global effort could only prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

In an analysis by Sky News, nearly 300 million people in 4 countries are subject to restrictions issued by a coronavirus. The office has to be somewhere from home. Somewhere in the streets, rush has been imposed on vehicles.

In the countries where the ‘lockdown’ is wholly banned, that is, citizens are forbidden from leaving their homes, more than 150 million people are in full captivity.

China also surpassed China’s death toll in Covid I9 after Italy; Three months ago, the virus began to spread from Wuhan province in Hubei, China.

In Europe, the number of dead in France is spreading beyond the thousands of homes to tens of thousands. The United States has come third in the name of victims and has become another country with thousands of deaths by coronavirus usa.

The stock market situation in the country has started to recede after the US Congress announced a $ 2 trillion relief project to pull off a devastated US economy.

Donald Trump, the country’s president in the capital Washington DC, says there are several ‘tough weeks’ ahead of New York. The huge number of people infected with the coronavirus usa has already crossed 65,000.

Trump also announced that he would make a quick decision on when people could return to work in areas where the virus was less prone.

“We want to bring our country back. Not in a rush or force. We have to make some decisions before Easter (April 12), maybe even before that, “said Trump, who has repeatedly said that the US economy is in a strong position during the November presidential election campaign.

UN Secretary-General Guterres said he would open a $ 2 billion aid fund for the world’s poorest people, meaning the world as a whole would have to fight the epidemic.

“Quid-1 is a threat to the entire human race, so all humanity has to turn around. Global action and solidarity are significant at the moment. Separately, the response of one country is not enough, “he said.

At least 197 countries around the world have declared a complete or partial lockdown as one of the Daily Mail. In India, there are 5 million people. The world’s second-largest population, which has been in lockdown for three weeks, is now struggling to provide the goods it needs.

International news reports that Russia is also on its way to lockdown, reporting on the death of two more patients suffering from Covid-19 on Wednesday.

President Vladimir Putin announces a public holiday on all working days next week, postponing the referendum to amend the constitution. He also urged the people to follow the directions given by the authorities.

In the UK, the death toll is increasing. On Wednesday, the British throne inherited Prince Charles’ coronavirus; However, officials have assured that his infection is mild.

On Thursday, the G-20 countries will hold an urgent meeting via video conference to determine what steps the world will take to tackle the crisis. Twenty-two countries in the European Union are going to meet.

The death toll from coronavirus in Spain has exceeded 4,000 after a day in Spain. To cope with the situation, the country has signed a deal worth $ 10 million with Beijing to buy medical equipment.

The total death toll in Italy stands at 6,900 till the last news. France confirms news of new deaths on Wednesday in coronavirus; The total death toll in the country has crossed 1,5. Metro and rail traffic in Paris have been restricted to prevent transmission.

Fighting against the coronavirus and nearing success in China, the situation is quite different now. Restrictions have been lifted on human trafficking in the province of Hubei, the deadly virus that spread from the country in late December.

After three months, there were huge crowds on buses and trains under pressure from people who were allowed to travel.

Although the condition of China is comforting, the coronavirus is spreading throughout the Middle East and Africa. The death toll has crossed two thousand in Iran; Mali in Africa has reportedly found the first Covid-19 patient in their country. Several countries on the continent have declared a state of emergency to prevent transmission.

The governor of Japan’s capital, Tokyo, suspended this year’s Olympics, has urged residents to stay home on weekly holidays to prevent the explosion of the coronavirus.

Citizens’ movement has been banned in Israel after the death toll stood at about two thousand and five deaths, with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem closed.

The epidemic has also hit European football; All leagues and tournaments on the continent are closed. The fate of the Wimbledon tennis tournament will also be decided next week.

Experts fear that the economic devastation around the world is going to be worse than the recession of a decade ago.

However, the United States announced more than two trillion dollars of incentives, but the stock market has been favorable. But as the outbreak continues to increase, more than 60 million people in the country, including the most significant state of California, have been instructed to stay home.

Coronavirus usa

Corona won’t stop at Lockdown: WHO

Lockdown alone is not enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus around the world, said World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanam Gebreyesus.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanam Gebreyesus made this statement at a regular press conference on Wednesday, reports NDTV on Thursday.

The WHO chief said: “Many countries have taken lockdown measures to prevent coronavirus. People are being asked to stay home. Corridors have been imposed on the movement. But these measures cannot prevent the spread of pestilence like coronavirus from the world. We call on all countries of the world to work together to prevent coronavirus. There is a second way to win against coronavirus. ‘

Tedros Adhanam Gebreyesus emphasized that keeping people in the home without having to move out can provide time for health protection and lockdown can reduce coronavirus infection. Nothing more. With these, the coronavirus cannot be removed, or the pandemic cannot be prevented. Everyone has to be aggressive against it. So look for the suspects, detach, test the coroner, and treat them. That is the best way. ‘

“He also emphasized on health safety to prevent coronavirus.”

According to the World Health Organization data, the number of people infected with Novel Coronavirus in the world has so far exceeded 1 million. More than 4,000 people have died in it.

Coronavirus deaths in Spain exceed 4,000!

The total number of coronavirus deaths in the country stands at 5,8. Spain’s health ministry said on Thursday.

The death toll has risen 5 percent from the ministry’s figures released on Wednesday. The total number of affected people stands at 6,900.

Spain is the highest death toll in Italy after Italy. China’s official death toll exceeds China on Wednesday.

However, it is also comforting that less than 20 people died in the last 24 hours. The death toll has dropped from six to five.

More than a week later, this first death was seen in Spain. Another good news is that the rate of people becoming healthy is increasing. On the last day, the country has become healthy.

Lockdown in Spain to prevent coronavirus infection falls in 12 days. Yet this week, the country is passing through the worst times in terms of death and disease.

More than half of the deaths in Covid-19 in the country were recorded in Madrid. Since the onset of the coronavirus infection, there have been 2,5 deaths. Five thousand nine hundred people were affected.

Coronavirus outbreaks were first reported in Madrid and Basque counties, and this is where the virus spread rapidly. Within a few days, Madrid’s schools were closed.

But lockdown measures have not yet been taken across the country. The virus is believed to have spread.

Coronavirus was spread to six areas of Spain even before lockdown action was taken across the country. Lockdown was announced in Spain on March 7. It is now being extended till April 7.