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Have you been trying to shed off some weight with no success? You are not alone. According to a recent publication by Reuters, more than 2 billion people worldwide are obese or suffering from weight issues. What can you do to lose weight? You can do Good Exercises like Burpees to lose weight as a woman. But the question is that what is a burpee?

This article will show you some of the best tips that you can use to get that body that you have always wished for. These tips are based on intensive research, medical recommendations, and views from people who have actually been where you are right now. Read on and get enlightened!

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Now have a Read The Most Effective 5 Ways for Weight Loss 

1. Eat the right amount of food- Most people are guilty of this! You choose the right and healthy diets, but end up overeating! According to research, most people who are on diet-plans fail to lose weight because they think that they can eat any amount of food, so long as it is healthy. Sadly, even organic foods can lead to weight gain, if used carelessly.

To lose weight, you need to eat the right amount of food. For example, although chicken breasts are good for you, if you take too much of it, you are actually going to gain weight. The same applies to Almonds and the ‘’healthy’’ snacks. That is not what you want, right?

2. Count calories- To appreciate this point, you need to understand the science behind losing weight. You should start weight loss with very confidence you know this is very hard like lose a stone in a month.

To cut off some fats, you need to create some energy deficit in your body. When this deficit is created, your body will start using the excess fats in your body to produce energy. That is how you shed off those excess fats.

Although counting calories used to be a difficult task, the invention of smartphones has changed the whole story. You can now use the various calorie counting apps on your phone and keep a record of the number of calories that you consume on a typical day. From there, you can identify the type of food to drop.

3. Physical movement- Apart from going to the gym, you need to stay active and engage in some sort of physical movement. Most people go for morning workouts and spend the rest of the day laying on the couch. After all, very few people make it to the gym every morning! However, it is important to note that you can burn a substantial amount of energy by participating in non-exercise activities such as putting away laundry, moving furniture, etc.

4. Start the day with a good breakfast- Although all meals are important, breakfast helps you start the day on the right track. Aim to take a breakfast that will satisfy you, fill you up and most importantly, stave off cravings during the day. Ensure that you take anywhere between 450 -500 calories for your breakfast and make sure to include a source of lean protein,e.g. eggs, unsweetened Greek yogurt, etc.

5. Avoid skipping meals- Yeah, you read that right! Apart from slowing down your metabolism, skipping meals forces you to take a massive amount of food later in the day. Look at it this way, you have skipped your breakfast and lunch, and by the time you are sitting down to have your dinner, you are too hungry to even remember that you are on a diet! Take it upon yourself to take at least three meals per day.

There are so many ways to lose weight. However, you need to be determined, patient, and ready to make sacrifices. After all, waking up every morning to go for a jog or fail to show up for that beer session with your friends is not easy, right?