Villa in Dubai

Reasons Why You Should Live in a Villa in Dubai

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The emirate teems with state of the art luxurious residences that also appeal to all lifestyles. Whether you prefer being in a serene suburban environment with green landscapes or in the centre of all major entertainment attractions, Dubai has it all.

What’s more, is the different types of configurations and property sizes are available in the market. The recent circumstances have compelled people to think about the space they are going to move into. Where once everyone prioritised looking for a place to sleep in, now, everybody wants a big enough residence to support everything pertaining to their lifestyle.

This trend has been increasing as transaction numbers show villas for sale in Dubai becoming more in demand. Lately, people who usually searched for 2-3-bhk apartments realised that there’s not much difference in rental rates of 4-5-bed villas. Of course, you couldn’t get all the same amenities and features with bigger sizes. Although, many weighed the odds to find that more space is better than a few extra amenities or features.

Here’s a couple of reasons why you should live in a villa in Dubai:

Pinnacle of Privacy and Exclusivity

Disregarding all environmental and location factors of villas available in the emirate, you still can’t deny the exclusivity that comes with a villa. Marvellous infrastructures that commendably appreciate aesthetics and also offer complete privacy are some of the characteristics you’ll find in Dubai villas.

Compared to other residences, villas are standalone structures that have enough space to contain everything inside. That means you can have a party inside your villa and your neighbours won’t be able to tell you anything. Not only is the space inside a villa enough for families but it also goes a long way in ensuring your privacy. Since no one can hear or see anything in your home, you’ll appreciate the exclusive privacy you get with a big enough residence.

Moreover, combined with some of the features you’ll find below, villas can be exciting living spaces.

Amenities and Features

From the natural setting surrounding every villa to the interior features such as modern appliances and amenities. Everything comes together to tell us how a villa is an ideal choice.

The best part about having a villa to yourself is most obviously the amenities and features that you get. Not only can you have swimming pools and cinemas, but you can also turn the rooms into fitness centres, gyms, private spa, sauna/steam room, etc. Gamers can have a whole section of the residence dedicated to VR sets and pool tables.

Villas win a dozen times over whenever you compare in-house or community-centric amenities. That’s because these residential marvels come equipped with smart appliances, top-notch security measures and a gorgeous design. You can even expect to have automated garage doors, walk-in light switches, smoke detectors, smart entry and locking systems, etc.

Locality Features

Almost all communities featuring purchasable or villas for rent in Dubai are in top-tier locations. All these villas will provide you with access to the whole of the emirate. Villa communities in Dubai are usually found alongside major highways and main roads. Conveniently, there are RTA bus stops located nearby. This means you can travel across the city even if you don’t own your transportation.

You’ll find that even when you step out, almost all these communities will open up to top-tier commercial markets as well. You’ll have parks within as well as outside the community, along with malls, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, etc. right outside your door.

For families, villa communities mostly come with the best schools and other institutions like hospitals. This adds to the practical appeal that viewers hold about the residence. Coupled with the serene atmosphere at a safe distance from the bub of the city. Everyone can expect a healthy and peaceful lifestyle in villa communities.  

While there are countless reasons why the bigger space. The lavish lifestyle and the exquisite amenities should be your preference, your budget should be the decisive factor. Although, it would help to know that rental villa in Dubai differs from spacious apartment spaces by only a fraction amount. So, that means you should definitely consider living in a villa.

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