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The best Sexologist in Delhi- Dr. Chirag Bhandari for Nightfall Treatment

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The other name for Nightfall is “wet dreams” and it is one of the most common sexual problems in Indian men. We generally see this sexual problem in a man in the mid-age or after adolescent age. Nightfall treatment is provided by the best sexologist in Delhi and is used by men to treat such sexual issues under expert guidance.

The issue of having wet dreams is generally characterized by unwilling or involuntary ejaculation of white semen during sleep by men. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the best sex doctor in Delhi for treating all types of sexual problems, including nightfall and low libido issues. If you also want the best treatment for your sexual problem, visit the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, India led by Dr. Chirag Bhandari.

What is Nightfall?

In simple words, nightfall problem is when unwillingly or unknowingly ejaculations of white semen when the person is asleep. Generally, ejaculation occurs late at night and early in the morning. A person has no control or idea over those ejaculations and their timings. In other words, it is a spontaneous orgasm that occurs during his sleep.

What is Nocturnal Emission(Nightfall)? by Dr. Chirag Bhandari best andrologist in Delhi

Nightfall was not considered a sexual issue for a long time. But as the count of people suffering from this particular problem is increasing, it has gained recognition. Sex doctors in India eventually have started offering solutions for such medical issues.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one such sex doctor who focuses on the need to get rid of nightfall and learn various techniques and methods for its solution. He is the only sexologist in Delhi and offers a variety of treatments like medicinal, surgical, and therapeutic for such minor sexual issues.

Cause of Nightfall Treated by the Best Sexologist in Delhi- Dr. Chirag Bhandari

Nightfall is a sexual issue that majorly occurs because of weak nerves and low emotional control. But the cause varies from person to person and due to andrologist or sexologist doctor like Chirag Bhandari (founder of IASH, India) offers advanced tests to diagnose the actual cause.

Causes of Nightfall treated by the best Sexologist in Delhi- Dr. Chirag

Some of the most common cause of Nightfall issue are as follows:

  1. If someone continuously rubbed the male reproductive part till a man encounters bleeding, then it makes a man leading to ejaculation. It can be seen even if a man is not awake.
  2. When a boy hits puberty, then he dreams about sexual things at night. This sexual dreaming makes him perform erection before proceeding to ejaculation.
  3. After a boy reaches the age of puberty, his testicles release sperm. When a boy cannot perform sexually for a long period, then the sperms produced are ejaculated from the body during nightfall.
  4. Excessive masturbation can also be the reason for nightfall.

If a man is facing nightfall issues regularly, he must immediately visit the sex specialist doctor. Because only the best sexologist in Delhi is the one who can save your sexual health for leading a happy and healthy married life in the future.

If you are looking for the best nightfall treatment in India, visit the best sexologist in Delhi- Dr. Chirag Bhandari. With a modern approach towards male sexual health and wellness, Dr. Chirag touches each and every little aspect of sexual disorder and calmly listens to his patients’ concerns. The treatment provided by Dr. Chirag Bhandari has the best success rates in the whole city.

Chirag Bhandari- The Best Sexologist in Delhi for Nightfall Treatment

Dr. CHIRAG BHANDARI – Best Sexologist in Delhi for Nightfall treatment

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the best sexologist in Delhi, highly recommends a sex doctor who offers quality treatments for not only nightfall issues but for various other sexual disorders in men.

Dr. Chirag is the founder of the best male sexual health clinic- IASH, India where he and his team of the city’s best sex doctors treat nightfall issues. Dr. Chirag firstly starts his treatment by offering some tests and counselling. These tests are important to find the patient’s real problem and the cause of the sexual issue. And once the tests are done and the cause is diagnosed, a well-trained team of doctors design a treatment under the surveillance of Dr. Chirag.

Further, the patient gets the treatment after checking his past medical history and current health. All these steps help a sexologist to make sure that the patients recover from the problem in one go facing no health risks. He can prescribe medicine like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs – a type of antidepressant) to help with nightfall treatment.

At the same time fenugreek seed, honey, onion , bottle gourds are some natural food, that can help with nightfall problems. Pelvic floor exercise has also shown benefit on wet dreams.

Not only this, but Dr. Chirag is the only sex doctor who treats psychological aspects of nightfall issues. IASH, India has a team of the best psychiatrist and psychologists who have expertise in treating such psychological causes of nightfall. In short, whatever your sexual disorder is, you will get the ideal treatment at IASH, India.


People face wet dreams problems pretty often in their life but that’s not an issue. Ignoring the signs of the nightfall issue and not taking proper treatment is what makes it severe. Consulting the best sexologist in Delhi- Dr. Chirag Bhandari and his advanced treatments are what you need to fight against sexual disorders.

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