Interesting activities to pursue on Rakhi festival to make it memorable

Interesting activities to pursue on Rakhi festival to make it memorable

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What appears inside of your mind when you hear the word ‘Raksha Bandhan?’ Some of our readers will agree that on this day, they got to witness the love coordination between brother and sister. There are more than five kinds of Raksha Bandhan festivals celebrated in our nation with the ritual of different states. But here in this blog, we are going to let you drive over those six activities which are going to make your Raksha Bandhan festival complete and accomplished with happiness. So let’s roll with it:

Dress well:

It is compulsory for both brothers and sisters who have to be dressed well on this day. But be advised, the dress should be applied in traditional manners. It should not be in the casual and normal way, but dress something related to the Indian tradition for the celebration of Rakhi festival. If you accept the Rakhi festival as a private celebration or a special event, then absolutely you are going to take it seriously, boys can wear kurta pajamas and whereas girls can wear lehenga and suit. Try to make it more traditional to fill charm in the Rakhi Festival.

Gift exchange:

We might have seen that only sisters are the ones who receive the gift on the Rakhi day by her brother. But it doesn’t need to be one-sided, even both siblings can exchange gifts with each other. Brother obviously can gift to their sister whatever she wants, but sister also can gift to her brother which he is needy for. It would be well if you give him something that he can use in his studies and regular life chores in positive manners. Now you can surf your favorite gifts online and just buy Raksha Bandhan gifts and get it done in just a while. 

Celebration in presence of elders:

In our nation, India, our elders like grandparents, mother father, and even elder brother-sister are respected as equal to God. So here we would like to suggest to you if some of your brother or sister want to celebrate Raksha Bandhan happily, then you have to make this celebration happen when all the elders and senior people are present there. It is also going to make them feel exceptional and hence, they will be happier by seeing the pure love bond between brother and sister. 

Home decoration:

As in our nation, every festival and special event can look so boring if we don’t decorate our premises. Now some of you might have been thinking that the Raksha Bandhan is the festival of a family, not for the whole civilization, then why so massive décor? Because it appears in the Savan month and according to the scriptures, the Savan is the month of Lord Shiva who is a kind Lord and gets easily impressed by their devotee even from a tiny homage. So decoration on this day is compulsory to praise the Lord.

Cook food:

Favorite food is the path to impress anyone. Even it is the easiest way to make someone turn in happy from anger. Especially for women, but if you are that talented brother who can cook food for your own. All you have to do is cook her favourite food and serve her on this Rakhi day. By doing so, you are not just going to make your mouth full of taste, but your relationship is special. 

But still, you are hunting for something nice to grant your sister on this Rakhi, then it is our recommendation to go for online rakhi gifts for sisters because nowadays, it is the safest thing to pursue which is also in cover of Government protocols against Covid-19. Thus, how can you celebrate your favourite Rakhi Day in safety? 

Rakhi Thali:

In the end, we are going to take the final side to the sisters. The last tip here could be done at the initiation of the day. All you have to do is have a worshipping plate or Thali and decorate it with sandalwood, Rakhi, and sweets. An amazing look of your Thali is going to showcase your inner love for your brother and by doing so, divinity is going to be happy and provide you with blessings. 

So these were all those special about the Rakhi today and hopefully; you have found it interesting. Thanks for staying with us.