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Balcony Garden With Artificial Grass

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You have your dream balcony and you think of what a great way to add a great accent to it is to put some artificial grass on it. The problem though is that you are not sure where to start. Deciding what type of fake grass to use can be confusing. The main thing is to figure out the size of your balcony and how much fake grass to purchase. Once you do this you can start making decisions about the best artificial grass to use on your balcony.

You can also use it for a relaxing outdoor space by placing some exotic plants in it. Buy some exotic plants that grow well in spaces like these. Artificial turf 5ft wide indoor outdoor balcony garden decor, water drainage holes, fake grass ideal for indoor use specifically as mat, decorative carpet. Another use would be a deck. By adding artificial turf to a deck, it can help provide a warm and relaxing atmosphere. It will be even better if you use the same type of fake grass for the flooring of your deck.

Materials to make a balcony garden

If you have a small balcony garden, then you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money to decorate it. There are many affordable Astro Turf products available, both online and off. You can even make your own artificial turf if you have the right materials. Here are some materials that I would recommend for a small balcony garden.

* Wood or Lumber Chips –

These are probably the cheapest way to get artificial grass. If you buy the smaller pieces, they will still look nice. If you go with the larger ones you will want to put a sealant over the entire surface to protect it from moisture damage. Also, wood or lumbers will give your balcony or deck an authentic look.

* Cardboard or Mesh –

This is the best option for a small balcony garden. It is highly resistant to water damage and mold. Also, it does not show any stains. Just like the wood or the lumbers, you will want to put a sealant over the entire surface to protect it from moisture damage. Just like with the wood or the lumbers, you will want to add some large potted plants in water containers to keep the soil moist. Also, adding some drainage devices will help the soil to drain well.

*  synthetic grass –

For larger patios, artificial turf works well. You can cover large decks or patios with synthetic grass and make them look like part of the city. You can even put the fake turf on the grass blades if you want to make them look like lawns. This is one of the reasons why many people are now choosing to put artificial turf on their outdoor decks and patios instead of going for other styles of backyard landscaping such as fountains and small rocks.

For many homeowners, privacy is one of the main reasons that they choose artificial grass over other backyard landscaping designs. Since there are no plants growing out in the open, you can have a much larger area to relax in and get away from the noise and other elements of your neighborhood. Since there are several plants that are very decorative, you can build a beautiful garden balcony using synthetic grass. You will be able to enjoy the garden area without being disturbed by the many other homeowners who are busy enjoying the beauty of their artificial turf garden balcony.

Protect Your Investment

Remember, after months of effort and investment for your beautiful garden, do not forget you need protection. Review your home insurance policy to ensure any building add-on, material and other things you put in are properly recorded with your insurer.


Artificial turf garden patios and decks have several advantages over natural grass patios and decks. One of the major advantages is that Dubai Artificial Grass provides a more secure environment for outdoor activities and gatherings. Since artificial grass is made up of fibers that are fire-resistant, you do not have to worry about your guests staying too long or coming to visit if your artificial deck was destroyed by fire. Another advantage of artificial turf is that it requires very little maintenance. You simply have to wipe up any debris and spray down the area once in a while to keep the surface of your artificial deck clean and beautiful looking.