“I’m on my way to victory,” Biden Said

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Joe Biden says he is way to victory! However, the USA election 2020 already finished. Officers are counting the result.

Not the Epidemic, the Economy Over All

An early booth return poll found that the country’s economy was the most important factor in deciding to vote in the US presidential election.

According to the Edison Research survey, one-third, 34 percent of voters described the economy as the most important issue.

Since then, caste discrimination has worked 21 percent; Two out of 10 people consider it the most important thing.

Then came the epidemic, with 18 percent of voters saying the coronavirus played a role in their decision-making.

Since then, law and order and health care policies have gained importance among voters.

When will the final result match?

This year, nearly 100 million American voters cast their ballots in advance by post, a new record in the country’s history. The number of votes by post has increased mainly to avoid crowds due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

As such, half of the total registered voters can go to the booth and vote on Tuesday. As a result, victory or defeat may not be determined by the number of votes cast in the booth. But for those who voted by post, it may take a few more days for the battle papers to arrive and the count to end on Tuesday.

That’s why Republicans could be ahead in states like Pennsylvania in preliminary results on election day. Those are marked with ‘red color’ on the selected map.

Ballot papers sent by post will be accepted three more days after polling day in Pennsylvania. And since Democrats voted more by post, the election map, which turned ‘red’ on the first day, could gradually turn blue. Democrats are shown in blue on the map.

Electoral experts say the opposite could happen in states like Florida and North Carolina. Because, in those two states, the counting of ballot papers received by post has started from the day before the election. So the blue map may turn red on polling day.

All in all, there is uncertainty about when the final results will be available.