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Social media allows people to create exciting content to attract audiences from all over the world. Videos engage audiences better than texts or pictures, which is why 87% of businesses employ video in their marketing. Also, the average internet user spends 7 hours a week watching videos online.

Marketers and content creators must go beyond merely making videos to keep audiences engaged. Instead, they must create exciting videos that capture viewers’ attention and convey their message quickly.  

How can they achieve this? By using video collages.

 What are Video Collages?

Video collages are made by cutting, mixing, and editing short video clips to create a “new” video. These videos may be sped up or slowed down and typically include background music. 

Video collages may be used for various purposes, from telling personal stories to launching new products. In addition, they allow creators to be as creative as they want. Furthermore, video collages are easily created using a video maker online. 

 Why do you need Video Collages?

Video collages help creators to achieve the following;

1. Communicate more info in less time

Video collages involve mashing many clips together. By doing so, audiences can easily watch the excitement in a single reel instead of watching the different videos. In effect, this allows a creator to communicate their info much faster.

2. Emotionally stimulate the interest of audiences

Video collages typically have an audio track layered over the video. These background tracks stimulate the emotional centers in viewers. As a result, the viewers are more interested in the video

3. Improve creativity and brand visibility

When using a video maker online, you have access to multiple templates and layouts. Thus, you can customize these templates to fit your brand and improve visibility. Furthermore, you can choose a particular piece of music to embed in all your videos. As a result, viewers will draw an association between your brand and that music. In effect, your brand visibility will increase.

Creating an Aesthetic Video Collage

You can easily create exciting content using a video maker online. However, it’s not just about making collages. Your collages must be aesthetically pleasing. This way, you can rapidly captivate and engage your audience.

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 To create an aesthetic video collage, you have to follow these steps;

1. Choose your video maker online

Your video maker could make all the difference in the quality of your content. In order to make an aesthetic video collage, you’ll need many editing tools. is one of the best video editing tools you can find on the internet. These tools include; filters, speed adjustment, audio addition, and more. Thus, you’ll need an excellent video maker online that possesses these tools to make your journey easy.

2. Import files

Next, you have to import the videos and music clips for your collage into your video maker.

 3. Organize and Edit Clips

After that, organize all your imported clips and ensure that you define the beginning and end of the video. Next, place each clip into the video workspace and edit each clip using the available filters. When editing, define the orientation of each clip and add visual effects. Also, alter the speed of different sections and choose the transitioning style between clips.

After that, add texts to each clip. Make sure you edit the font, color, and size of each text to ensure that they match the video’s ambiance.

4. Add Background music to the video

When you’re done editing your video, add a background music track to it. The background music gives more context to your video and creates an emotional connection with your viewers.

You can use more than one music track, but ensure that they match perfectly with the video. In essence, the music tracks should enhance the aura of your video.  

5. Preview your video and make edits:

After creating your video, you have to preview it to ensure it’s perfect. You could also ask a friend to preview your video for you. Your friend may be able to detect errors that you missed. After reviewing the video, make the necessary changes.

6. Upload to the internet

Once you are done editing, download your collage and upload it to your social networks. 

Tips for Making an Aesthetic collage

The following tips will help you make an aesthetic video;

  • Ensure that the length of your video is less than 3 minutes. Shorter videos will help you convey your message quicker.
  • Add captions to each video clip. Captions will help you improve engagement with your viewers.
  • Use a motivating song as your background music. Motivating music will boost the mood of your viewers.
  • Keep your video collage simple. Do not add too many details to your video.
  • Make a note before you start editing. Making notes will help you organize your videos better.
  • Add a variety of short and long clips to your collage.
  • Pick a stylish theme for your video background.


Video collages allow you to pass your message across quicker. They also help you to engage excitingly with your audience. To readily captivate your audience, you need your video collage to be aesthetic. 

A powerful video maker will help you create an aesthetic video. But you also need to apply the steps and tips laid out here. By doing so, you will create video content that will go viral quickly.