Everything You Need To Know About Herringbone Tiles

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Herringbone tiles, a timeless and popular choice, bring the looks and feel of real wood to every home. It has roots going back centuries and is recognized by its arranged rectangles that resemble the bones of a fish like a herring. 

You’ll come across this classic pattern everywhere, from swanky bars to posh hotel rooms. It never fails to give your space that sophisticated look it has longed for. Choosing herringbone styles for your home can give it a timeless and classy look by suiting your choice of interior designs by complementing the theme. 

Let’s have a look at some of the things you should know about Herringbone tiles:

  1. Its Pattern: It is distinctively recognized by the arrangement of rectangles resembling the bones of a fish. In other words, the rectangles are arranged at right angles to each other. This gives you the looks, feeling and charm of a hardwood flooring that acts as a statement for your house. It is sophisticated enough to catch your attention yet subtle to look good in any space.
  1. It Makes Your Room Look Bigger: Its pattern makes even narrow spaces like hallways look more expansive. They are an excellent complement to small rooms and narrow spaces alike. Going for light-colored Herringbone can also create the illusion of brightening up a dark space which only adds to its affinity to home renovators and homeowners even more.
  1. Convenient to Install: Most Herringbone tiles come with the handy click system technology, making them easy to install without glue or any special tools. It is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking forward to getting a new look for their homes, as it is the most DIY-friendly option. 
  1. Versatile Suitability: Herringbone tiles are very versatile, and their range of suitability allows them to be implemented in almost all rooms of the house. From your open plan kitchen and dining room to your bedroom, these tiles not only make the space more elegant but are also ridiculously easy to maintain and clean.
  1. It’s better than traditional chevron flooring: While both Herringbone and chevron refer to zigzag patterns, the chevron tiles have a staggered angle which creates a continuous zigzag pattern. This look can sometimes be monotonous and doesn’t give your space that feeling of being bigger; instead, it creates a less sophisticated design that might make it look even smaller. 

Final Thoughts

The practicality and functionality of Herringbone tiles might turn out to be the best flooring option you could choose for your house. They do not just give that classy finish to your home, but they are also easier to maintain than other flooring options. Due to the V-shaped parallel arrangement of these tiles, they can easily make small rooms and spaces like corridors and hallways look much bigger. It is rather easy to install compared to other flooring options like chevron and is a good value for money given its advantages.