may be fewer bidding wars

How to Buy Real Estate in the Digital Age

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The internet revolution has connected people worldwide and altered daily life in too many ways to count. As a result, practically every aspect of life is different today than it was in the past, and mostly for the better.

Technology has upended how business gets conducted in multiple industries, and real estate is no exception. Most recently, the platform Nobul – created by digital innovator Regan McGee – has changed how people buy homes.

Let’s take a closer look to see how it works.

Connect With the Right Agent Faster

Every homebuyer has unique needs, and not every real estate agent out there is suitable for them. First-time buyers probably want an agent offering competitive rates, whereas more experienced buyers likely require an agent who has closed many higher-end homes.

Nobul users list their budget and tell the app what they’re looking for in a property, and then agents vie with each other to represent them by offering compelling free services or cash back. Users are free to compare agents’ verified profiles, which clearly list relevant statistics, like experience, fees, and more.

Nobul doesn’t accept payments from realtors to get ranked, so the data is reliable. Look for an agent who meets your specifications, rather than waste time and money dealing with a professional who simply isn’t the right fit.

View Curated Listings

Nobul’s algorithm is the secret sauce that serves up listings that meet all your criteria as soon as they hit the market. The platform has analyzed millions of real estate transactions, so it’s trained like a heat-seeking missile to find what you’re looking for and alert you when it’s there.

Real estate moves quickly, even in slower markets. There may be fewer bidding wars, depending on the neighbourhood and price point of the property, but the home you’re looking to buy may not be available when you finally get the financing and all else in order.

Get the inside track on the market by letting the algorithm do the heavy lifting. Even the best agent can’t crunch numbers like a computer, so get them both on your side.

Privately and Securely

There’s an understandable perception that tech platforms may be a security and privacy liability. To be sure, some platforms claim to safeguard your data while quietly selling it on the side.

Nobul never gives the users’ phone numbers or addresses to real estate agents. Instead, all contact is through the app itself, so it’s easy to stay in touch but impossible for data to fall into the wrong hands. You can even share listings with agents and friends, and get all the benefits of seamless digital connectivity without any of the privacy or security risks.

Whether you’re an investor looking to expand your portfolio or a parent looking for a home for your family, you shouldn’t be buying real estate the same way people did before the internet was a thing. If you follow all the above advice and use Nobul, you’ll make a better purchase with substantially less effort.