How to build an Online Appointment Booking App for the Salon Business

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To attract and retain customers, salon owners should offer an enhanced client experience, but not just within their stores. The ability to view your latest style gallery and quickly book appointments online are key aspects of client experience that matter beyond what happens inside your salon. More than 42% of customers prefer to self-book their salon appointments online, indicates data. So, failing to offer online booking can drive away nearly half of your clients. Online booking offers your clients a comfortable, effortless, and enjoyable experience if done rightly. That said, here are a few things to note while building an online appointment booking app for your salon.

Right selection of app features

Typically, the key users of your salon booking app can be classified into two categories:

  • Customers
  • Salon manager (business owner) 

Your salon software should have all the essential features that cater to the requirements of these two users.

Features for clients:

Quick sign-up: Using their email address/ phone number/ social media account, clients should be able to sign up for your salon online scheduling app and reach the landing page quickly.

Attractive services catalog: After signing up, customers will search your app to discover your salon’s services and products. Showcase a well-designed catalog with your list of services, new hair styles and look-books, style gallery, and beauty salon packages with attractive discounts.

Online booking: The most important salon booking app feature, which will bring more people into your salon. In-built appointment scheduling calendar that updates bookings in real-time as well as automated booking confirmation messages and reminder notifications will add more power to your salon software.

In-app payments: Just like how they book online, customers are likely to use online payment methods for better convenience. Ensure that you have a secure and fault-free payment gateway that works with credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, and all other popular online payment methods.

Ratings and reviews: Encourage clients to leave their reviews and feedback on your salon booking website. Try to get more positive reviews that can attract new customers. Use the reviews and suggestions to improve your salon services.

Add to cart and checkout: Customers can examine their salon carts to understand the list of services they have opted for and analyze the cost breakdown. They can review the cart, make changes, and checkout directly from the cart page. If your salon sells retail beauty products, including an ecommerce cart is a must to boost sales.

Loyalty programs: Loyalty programs are a great way to exhibit your commitment towards the customer. Offering rewards and incentives to your regular customers will increase their loyalty towards your brand. Buy two and get one for free offers, loyalty points, discount coupons, and online vouchers can bring more customers to your salon. 

Features for salon owners:

Salon managers should be notified of the upcoming bookings in their schedule. They should be able to check the booking calendar, adjust bookings based on the foot traffic to their salon, and access customer details such as name, phone number, email address, and appointment details. This allows them to run targeted marketing campaigns in the future. Salon owners should be able to view the past bookings made by their clients and also the reviews and ratings provided by them.

Other app features for salon owners include:

  • Update content regularly and remove outdated information
  • Declare revised service packages, offers, and special discounts
  • Manage team member profiles
  • Streamline the payroll system to pay employees on time
  • Manage the work schedules, time-offs, breaks, performance, and commissions of employees
  • Generate insightful reports on their salon’s financial position, accounts payable and receivable, highly-rated and moving services, customer feedback and other KPIs
  • Offer customer support via web chat, contact forms, and email

In short, salon owners should be able to manage their clients, appointments, beauticians, and services.

Additional points to note while building an online booking app

An SEO-friendly salon software will help you get listed on Google’s top search pages. Study shows that 88% of users searching Google to find information about local stores are likely to visit the store in a day. An online booking app for salon built with search engine optimization is, therefore, a must to increase your bookings and sales. Your online booking platform should integrate with social media channels, allowing you to share salon services and post fresh content. This will expand your reach and ROI.

The increasing popularity of online booking has boosted on-demand beauty services. Just as you optimize your salon’s indoor experience, adopting a high-quality, topnotch booking app with the right set of features is a must to enhance your salon’s overall experience. Follow the above tips to find the best online appointment booking app that takes your salon business to the next level.