bathroom look vintage

How can I make my bathroom look vintage?

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When you are exceptional, everything around you testifies to it. Your bedroom, living room, and even your bathroom will be a witness to your creativity. Not a single space in your home should be dull and unattractive, your bathroom inclusive. 

Do you know your bathroom can be more attractive when you make it look vintage? Yes, it can. Adding vintage to your modern cairns bathroom renovations can create a sense of timelessness and give a comforting reference to decades past. So, it won’t be easier said than done, this article will give you ideas to make your bathroom look vintage.

  1. Add vintage accents

You can make your modern bathroom look vintage by adding vintage accents. It can be a pedestal sink combo, with crystal sconces in vintage style coupled with silk lampshades. Combine this with an accent mirror and preferably black and white checkerboard tiles. A creative arrangement of these materials will give a classic design that will be amazing.

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  1. Add Vintage Rug

Simple yet classic. You know you can change the bathroom view just by adding a rug. Not just any rug, though; remember, our focus is to make it look vintage; therefore, the rug should be a vintage rug. Adding vintage oriental rugs give you the sense that your bathroom has been in existence for a long.

However, if you plan to opt for this idea, you should consider the color of your bathroom. This idea is more effective when the bathroom is painted white.

  1. Go for a Vintage Style Wall Paper

From the living room to the dining room and to the bedroom, wallpaper is always a perfect choice, and on this note, a bathroom cannot be exceptional. Whether your bathroom is a big space or a small one, you can always find wallpaper or colorful bathroom wall arts that will fit in.

You can use wallpapers to make your bathroom feel warmer, especially if your bathroom is large; wallpaper adds a layer of texture or pattern to your bathroom. Painting is cool, but wallpaper is the best, it also makes your bathroom less boring.

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  1. Introduce Vintage Furniture 

Create a unique style in your bathroom with a piece of vintage furniture. Adding furniture is a brilliant idea for a vintage bathroom, and in addition to that, it’s a way of introducing nature to your home.

  1. Add Painted Wood Paneling

For a vintage bathroom idea, paneling the wall is the right option to make. There are numerous styles that can be installed in the bathroom to give you the perfect vintage view you desire. So feel free to explore and choose your preferred style.

  1. Choose Traditional Sanitaryware

Going for traditional baths, basins, and toilets with a high-level cistern is a cool way to create a vintage bathroom look. It’s not expensive, yet it’s effective.

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  1. Invest in Luxurious materials

When designing a bathroom that embraces a vintage look, the material used matters a lot. Yes, these materials can be expensive, but it’s a perfect option. 

Bathroom décor has shifted from an ordinary plain color with a tedious view to a pure functionality and more practicality mixed style and comfort, which is why you should be ready to invest in the décor of your bathroom.


Giving your bathroom a vintage look is an exciting task, and however, it can be challenging, especially for a person that is new to design. This is why we fill this article with simple, easy yet effective, and unique tips to make your bathroom look vintage.

Feel free to explore and make a perfect look out of your bathroom.