Top Tips for Window Graphics Type Selection for the Maximum Impact

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Window graphics are increasingly being used by businesses, particularly in the retail sector, to grab the attention of their target audience and drive footfalls to their stores. Highly visible, this method of advertising transforms dead real estate into a valuable channel for boosting brand awareness and getting your message across to get more people into your store. With an incredible number of options of window stickers available, designing one with the maximum impact can be challenging. Some pro tips for choosing the ideal window graphic type that can elevate the efficacy of your advertising to the next level:

Window Clings

These are large plastic film advertising signs that stick to the inside of your glass windows with the help of static electricity instead of the typical adhesive used in conventional window stickers. The advantage of using window clings is that the application is easy with none of the mess of applying soapy water on the glass surfaces to apply window stickers. If you are not satisfied with your application, all you need to do is peel it off and apply it again. This easy removability means that you can move them around your retail outlet or even remove them as you wish. Cling films are highly effective and will last for six months or more, however, you need to apply them on the inside surface of the window as they are not weather-resistant.

Window Opaque Decals

Decals meant for applying on shop windows offer more permanent display than window clings as the material is thicker and there is a layer of adhesive on one side. Conventionally, you stick window decals on the outside of windows; however, if you want them to last longer, you can stick them on the inside of the windows. You will have to tell the supplier to apply the adhesive appropriately to make it possible. Opaque decals cannot be peeled off and reapplied elsewhere as the adhesive loses its power to stick. However, if you are using the wet method of application, you can reposition it till the soap water applied on the glass surface is present but once dry, you cannot move the sticker. If you want only the lettering and the graphics to be seen on the window, you can ask for a clear decal instead.

One-Way Vision Decals

These are essentially translucent stickers with multiple small holes punched through them. The stickers allow people inside your store to see outside, but those outside the store cannot see inside. This feature makes it possible for you to display attractive graphics on the sticker for the benefit of pedestrians and window shoppers yet retain your privacy, according to Small Businesses Do It Better, while letting the light in and creating an open atmosphere inside the store.


Window stickers are a very effective method of building your brand awareness and communicating advertising messages. They are high-impact yet affordable, which means that you can keep on refreshing the designs as many times as you like without straining your budget. However, it is vital to consider the window position so that you can pick the right option for the maximum impact.