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If this question had been asked a few days ago, the answer would have been no. But this day in 2020 is also showing football fans. After a few days, maybe not Barca, Messi will wear the color of any other club. And Manchester City is the most ahead in that race. Find update high odds accumulator tips for tomorrow here. 

According to Spanish media outlet Radio Catalonia’s Xavi Campos, Lionel Messi has spoken to Pep Guardiola several times about going to the City.

Not only that, but Marcelo Beckler, a well-known journalist at Esperanto Interativo and Radio Italia, also said that Messi could go to City. For the past few years, Beckler has been working tirelessly to bring out the news of Barcelona’s port. He was the one who gave the story of Neymar’s departure from Barcelona in 2016.

Following in the footsteps of Beckler-Campos, the Catalan media reported on the sport of what could be a possible Bar -a-City deal with Messi. If Messi is not available for free, which players will City include in the contract? Sport is talking about City’s Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus and Spanish defender Eric Garcia.

Barca’s new coach Ronald Koeman has said that Luis Suarez has no future in the team. Suarez can contact another club if he wants. Barcelona could even cancel the current contract with one of the best strikers in the team’s history. The City is well aware of this situation. If City includes Jesus in the agreement to bring Messi to the team, then Barca’s striker’s problem is also solved. It is also known who will be Suarez’s successor.

Leo Messi

Meanwhile, Barcelona wants to buy two more players in the transfer market. Gerard Pique’s successor will need a center back, and left-back Jordi Alber will need a successor. Barcelona has long liked City’s two defenders. Their names are Eric Garcia and Angelino. This Garcia used to play for Barca before joining City again. Barcelona wants to bring home the son of the house as the new leader of the defense.

Meanwhile, Anhelino, who has played in Leipzig this season on loan from City, has a regular signature talent, noticed by Barcelona. The City knows that. Garcia-Anhelino could also be included in a possible deal for Messi.

“ESPN reports that Man City wants to sign Messi for a five-year deal.”

Gerard Romero, a journalist with the Spanish news agency RAC One, spoke of the same possibility. Meanwhile, the Brazilian media outlet Globesport reported Barca’s interest in Jesus.

Meanwhile, ESPN has reported that Manchester City wants to sign a five-year contract with Messi. However, according to the agreement’s terms, Messi will have to play in the Major League Soccer of the United States for the last two years. After playing for Manchester City for three years, the conditions for playing in the same owned club New York City FC for the remaining two years have been given.

“Stay Messi! Gaspart’s Kneeling Appeal.”

There is no end to the urge of Barcelona fans to retain Lionel Messi. The club’s current president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has also demanded the resignation of his favorite player for life. Former president Juan Gaspart has also asked the Argentine star to change his mind. He is also ready to kneel in front of him if necessary.

But if things don’t work out, if Messi decides to change teams, then Gaspart has suggested that the release of the six-time best footballer of the year should be worth 700 million in his release clause. In an interview with Italian sports channel Mediaset, he asked the club not to make any concessions in this regard.

“I will ask him to stay and if necessary. I will kneel in front of him and beg him. I don’t know if Joseph Maria Bartomeu and (coach) Ronald Kuman are on their knees in front of him. “

According to him, it should not be less than one euro to leave him. If you want to go even after making so many requests, then you have to accept the 700 million Euro clause.”

Messi’s departure has added a new dimension to Barcelona’s 8feat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League’s quarter-finals. Coach Kuman could not change the mind of the Argentine star.

Then on Tuesday, the Argentine media TYC Sports gave the news that was unbelievable to many for so long. According to them, the Barcelona captain has made up his mind; The club wants to leave without a ribbon by activating a contract clause. Later the news came from the club to confirm the matter in the media.

Gaspart claimed to Marca Radio on Tuesday night that he had read Messi’s contract with Barcelona. Under the terms, the record-breaking goal scorer in the team’s history cannot leave the club before 2021.


“Messi can’t go. He has to go in 2021. I have seen his agreement and the matter is clear. “

“The time expires on June 10 and there is no other alternative – the whole matter is under the control of the board, not the players. The club pays the players. And it’s not just about money, there’s an agreement he’s signed and that’s the real thing. “

‘Guardiola Can Make a Team Around Messi’

The world of football has been curious about Lionel Messi’s next address since his departure from Barcelona was leaked. Where will the Argentine star leave Camp Nou? According to Rivaldo, a former Catalan footballer, Manchester City could be Messi’s best option. The Brazilian, who won the World Cup, thinks that Pep Guardiola can arrange a Messi team.

Messi told Barcelona officials on Tuesday through his lawyer that he wanted to leave the club without a fee under a clause in the contract, according to various media reports. However, Barcelona is claiming that Messi will only be able to leave the Camp Nou if a club pays 600 million euros for his release clause, as the time to implement that clause has expired.

All in all, the situation is murky. Rivaldo hopes the two sides will reach an agreement. However, in an interview with Betfair, he said that he would be upset to see Messi leave Barcelona after severing two decades of relationship.

“Barcelona do not want to lose the best player in any way. So they will try to persuade him to stay or they will agree to let him go if they get a good offer from another club.”

“If things go like this, the end of Messi’s story with Barcelona will be tragic. But that’s football, sometimes a lot doesn’t happen as we expect. “

Rivaldo, who has played for Catalonia for five seasons, also said where Messi should go if he leaves Barcelona.

“Man City could be Messi’s best option as the next club. He is now 33 years old. However, there is no question about his quality and talent. I think he can play at the top level for a few more years.”

Guardiola won two Champions Leagues and three La Liga titles during his time as Barcelona coach from 2009 to 2012. The Spanish coach has written many success stories of the club with Messi in front of him. Rivaldo thinks Guardiola will enjoy working with the record-breaking footballer of the year six times.

“Guardiola has a deep knowledge of Messi’s ability. Also, Guardiola will find a way to get the best out of him. I can even imagine that Guardiola is building the rest of his team around Messi. “

“His talent can make a difference anywhere, anytime. I am sure he will be able to show a match-winning performance in the Premier League.”