Best Bathroom Steam Cleaner

Best Bathroom Steam Cleaner

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The bathroom floor and walls are usually tiled; therefore, the grout lines can become a breeding ground for germs due to constant moisture and water accumulation. You, therefore, need a device like a steam mop to keep your bathroom not only sparkling clean but also sanitized. Also, you can add dehumidifier for bathroom easily. 

Steam cleaners are a lifesaver saver when it comes to bathrooms; they can get into every nook and cranny of the tile grout and kill every germ and bacteria lurking around, sanitizing the area using only heat without any cleaning chemicals, quite impressive! This is the top-best bathroom steam cleaner. Also, check the best carpet cleaners in Lexington

Best Bathroom Steam Cleaner Review

 1.SKG 1500W Powerful hot Steam Mop 


The SKG 1500w Steamer helps to get rid of germs, fleas, ticks, and bacteria off your bathroom floor; it has natural cleansing abilities, which means it doesn’t use any cleaning chemical. It comes with a two setting level of steam; this means you can use it to deep clean or regular everyday cleaning.

It comes with six different accessories or head attachment, each having their other cleaning specialties like the kitchen, the oven, or the bathroom. And it can be used for different flooring if you have more than one flooring on your home. 


  • It comes with six different attachment heads; you can use it to clean other surfaces.  
  • It comes with a 180-degree rotating head; this helps you to get into those small corners.
  • You can either choose to deep clean or lightly clean, making it a simple device. 
  • Comes with three washable microfiber pads.
  • It is also excellent in households with kids.


  • You can only use distilled water when cleaning, which is a bit pricey 
  • Many users say the machine does not work as great as it is advertised 
  • When working on low surfaces, the handle of this steamer doesn’t lock incorrectly after extension.


2.Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop 

This steam mop comes with a boost brush, which helps to remove even tougher and sticker stains; this also has scent discs, which means it not only cleans your bathroom floor it leaves it smelling refreshing, it is a win-win! 

This powerhouse steamer will halve your cleaning time and also give a sanitized and sparkling clean bathroom floor. It comes with a measuring cup for an easy water refill.



  • Its boost brush is a great tool that helps to clean up more stains.
  • Comes with scent discs that leave your home smelling refreshing after every use
  • It also comes with a two steam level setting. 
  • It has a 5ft long cord, which makes it easier to move around.


  • This steamer has a bit of rigid movement; it doesn’t glide on floors very quickly, which can pose a problem during cleaning.
  • This machine’s steam comes out through a hole underneath it; this creates a hole in the microfiber pad.

3.Bissell 1940 Power-Fresh Steam Mop 

This steam mop is said to work better and faster than other steam mop brands in the market; it comes with an in-built scrubber, which helps to get every sticky mess off your bathroom floor.

You can never go wrong when you choose this steamer, as it sanitizes with heat, it is affordable, it has tons of positive reviews, and you can use it not only your bathroom but for different floors surface.


  • The number one standing feature of this steam is the in-built scrubber.
  • It comes with three steam level setting 
  • It also comes with scent disks which are refreshing
  • It comes with an unbelievable 23ft long cord; you can imagine how easy it is to move around with that.
  • It has a specially designed handle with soft grips, which gives comfort when mopping large areas.


  • It uses only distilled water, which is an additional cost.
  • The handles pop out randomly when moving or using the steam mop.
  • Many users complain of finding the machine challenging to move about because the mop pad tends to fold underneath it.
  • When using the scrubber, the steam may burn your toes.

4.Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D)

The shark professional steam mop ensures 99.9% sanitization of your bathroom floor, and it comes with an XL water tank and two-sided steam pocket pads that help clean twice the area a regular steam mop would clean with just one swipe.

It also has a three-level steam setting.



  • It reduces cleaning time with its two-sided pocket pads that clean twice the regular steam mop area. 
  • It only takes 30seconds from startup for it to start producing steam.
  • It comes with reusable microfiber pads, and each place lasts up to 20 washes.
  • It also comes with a three steam level setting. 
  • This steamer comes with two different mop heads.
  • You can use this steamer to either dust, mop, or scrub your floor, depending on your cleaning needs.


  • Shark products do not offer a warranty for their products gotten through amazon.

5.Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner 

Unlike the rest mentioned above, this steamer uses regular tap water to steam and eliminates bacteria from your bathroom floor. It comes with an on-demand steam output, which helps to save water when it is on but not in use, and it takes just 30 seconds from startup to producing steam. 

It comes with an XL water tank, which gives you a longer cleaning run than most steam mops. It also comes with a double side cleaning technology, which helps to clean twice the area.  


  • It comes with an XL water tank increases the time frame between refilling
  • Cleans faster due to its double side cleaning technology 
  • Ensures a 99.9% sanitization of your floor 
  • It has an on-demand steam feature which helps to save water


  • This steamer does pick up small particles of dirt.
  • This machine leaves behind whitish streaks on the floor after use
  • Using this steamer on other flooring surfaces like carpet can be difficult as it carpet gliders do not function properly 
  • Some users have complained of the handles breaking off after regular use 
  • It uses only distilled water 

6.Bissell Vac & Steam 1977E

This steam mop is a 2-1 machine. Its a 400w bagless vacuum cleaner and a 100w steam cleaner that is, instead of the regular procedure where the steam mop pad picks up dirt and small particles, its the vacuum that does all that, then the microfiber pad removes the stain.


  • This steam mop can function as a steam mop only and also as a vacuum, its double for the price of one
  • It’s a great cleaning time saver as it halves your cleaning time even for dirty areas
  • Its vacuum function helps to ensure that your floor is extra clean after each use
  • It comes in blue, yay!


  • You can’t get a thorough cleaning with this machine because it is not very flexible and you won’t be able to reach close off corners 
  • Many users complain that it isn’t up to performance like other steam mops in the market 

7.Shark Klik n’ Flip S6003UK Steam Mop

Like most steam mops on this list, the Shark Klik n’ Flip steam mop comes with a two-sided pocket steam pad, and this allows you to clean twice the space you would go with regular mops.


When using this steam mop, you can flip over the head and use the clean side of the pad once one side is dirty, and for a machine its type, it is very affordable.


  • This steamer is vast, so it helps to clean up twice faster
  • It can be flipped sideways to change the sides of the pad
  • It comes with a steam blast feature which allows getting rid of tougher stains 
  • It glides on the floor smoothly make it easy to work with
  • It is affordable


  • This steam mop does not stand on its own, that means it has to be held at all times during use and must be stored in a safe place to prevent damage

8.Karcher SC5 easyFix Premium Steam Cleaner Review

This steam mop has a 2ltr water tank plus a 2kW+ heater. Yeah! This steam mop is rigid. It comes with a unique feature known as VapoHydro. This feature causes hot water to mix with the steam, and this gives it a jet-wash pressure.

It comes with different steam levels setting that allows you to customize the smoke to your cleaning needs. This product comes with varying heads of attachment; it has a general cleaning head with the microfiber pads and carpet gliders. 

It also has a small detail brush, which helps to clean closed-off corners and areas. It can be used for your bathroom and different floors, and its functions, this steam, are also affordable.


  • It comes with a 2ltr water storage capacity which ensures that you have longer cleaning time 
  • Its VapoHydro feature takes your deep cleaning to an extra level.
  • It comes with a tilting head, which helps the steam to reach every inch of the floor.
  • It comes with two reusable microfiber pads.
  • It also comes with a carpet glider, which allows it to move smoothly when used on other floorings like carpet or rugs.


  • This steam cleaner is costly. 
  • It uses only distilled water, which is an additional cost.
  • Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner
  • Its comes with a 2.6ltr water tank, three microfiber pads and it also comes with a unique feature, you can attach any piece of cloth unto the floor head in case you run out of microfiber pads. 

9.Russell Hobbs Neptune Multifunction Steam Mop


This steam cleaner only takes 30seconds from startup to produce steam like most other mops, it has a detachable head and carpet gliders, which makes it easy to be used on carpet and not only your bathroom floor. 

This steam mop can be used to clean other surfaces like windows, furniture, etc.


  • It is very affordable 
  • It produces steam within 30seconds from startup 
  • It has five steam level setting to choose from according to your cleaning needs


  • This machine leaves behind water streaks after each use 
  • This steam mop pad pushes around water instead of absorbing it
  • The water refilling station is in the middle of this machine, and this makes it difficult to gauge the water input

Buying Guide

The kind of steam cleaner you should buy depends on your cleaning need and budget. But here are a couple of things to look out for before purchasing the best concrete steam cleaner you can get;


Like when calling any other device, you want to put the price into consideration, steam mops range in price from $40 to $2000. It all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend. This should be the first consideration as it will help to narrow down the other factors.

Size and efficiency 

The size of a steam mop is not something of great concern, but when you have to change the mop head, it comes to play because steam mops can be heavy when filled with water, and this can cause significant inconveniences.

There are also a variety of steam mop functions, whether you want to lightly clean your furniture or deep clean your floor or clean your bathroom, you should get the one that matches your needs, because as mentioned above, the different steam mop has additional cleaning strength, so you should go for the one that suits you the best. 

Maintenance requirements 

Maintenance of your steam mop differs between the model. Still, many manufacturers recommend using distilled water for your steaming. You want to stick to this to prevent mineral deposits from filling inside your machine when you use regular tap water, reducing its usefulness.

Also, unless recommended by the manufacturer, it is not safe to put in things like perfume, detergent, or other additives into your steam cleaner as that could ruin it. After every use, many users are required to empty the steam mop and allow it to dry. 

You have to consult the manufacturer to know the maintenance procedures and know if it is convenient for you before getting a steam mop.

Accessories/ Attachments 

Always find how to know how many and what kind of accessory or attachment you will be getting with the machine. Although any regular steam mop can do the job of cleaning your bathroom floor, supplements will help you use the steam clean other surfaces. 

Like the carpet gliders make it possible for you to use your machine on a carpet, and a squeegee will allow you to clean your windows.


Always go for a steam mop that you can tailor the steam output to suit your cleaning needs. This is because the more steam a mop gives off, the more cleaning it does, but too much heat may damage the tile grout of your floor, so you need to be able to adjust the steam depending on the floor you are working on and how much stain needs to remove.

There’s also an alert system in most steam mops that alerts the user when its ready to be used or out of water. Always check the manufacturer’s website to find out more.

Additional costs

The number one thing that gives steam mops additional cost is the microfiber pads; this is because when cleaning, all the dirt is stuck in the places, unlike traditional mopping where you dump all the dirt into the water. 

Always find out how many microfiber pads the machine will be coming with, most steam mops come with two microfiber pads, so you have to decide if you can afford continuous replacement of the places.

If your machine uses detergent, you have an additional cost of buying detergent. If the steam uses only distilled water like most steam mops, that’s also at an extra cost, and if you go for a steam mop with filter and uses regular water. 

It will be at an extra price than other steam mops that use distilled water, and you have to change the filter regularly. So you have to make sure you bear in mind all this additional cost before buying a steam mop. 

Cord length

A long cord is way more convenient as it allows you to move with the steam for a far distance without looking for another power outlet, especially when cleaning a large area.


Always go for a steam mop that is a lightweight and comfortable handle, check to see if the steam mop has a tilting or pivoting head, how far it can recline and fold flat, and if it comes with accessories like a telescoping handle that can help you see inside closed-off corners.

Upright mop

This is also a crucial tip that is mostly overlooked, make sure to get a steam mop than can stand upright on it own, this is to avoid accidents, like it tipping over when you are waiting for it to heat or cool off, and storing a steam mop that can’t stand upright on its own, can be hectic.

Water Tank 

Now choosing a water tank for your steamer can be quite confusing. This is because a steam mop with a big water tank will be heavy to use. In contrast, a steam mop with a small tank will be easy to use, but you will have to refill it regularly and wait for it to heat up, which can be time-consuming.

Steaming time

Different steam mops have different lengths of time they give off steam for; some steam mops produce vapor for 10minutes while some produce smoke for 30minutes. If you plan to use your steam mop for only a small area, you do not need a steam mop that makes steam for 30minutes.


Some mops have an on-demand steam feature, which saves you a lot of water and many trips to refill because it only produces steam when you press a button.

2-1 Functions 

Many steam mops cannot hold on to small particles, which will result in you having to vacuum first before using the steam mop, which again, can be time-consuming. However, there are mops with a dual function power; they can suck and hold on to small particles while the cleanup stains. 

Soft handles

You want to go for a steam mop with soft handles because of comfort when you mop for an extended period; also you want a handle that is adjustable especially if you are tall, you don’t want to start crouching and squatting when you low clean surfaces and end up with back pains.

Safety precautions in place 

Always make sure you’ve got the right protection when getting a steam mop, safety precautions like child safety locks, empty water tank indicator and automatic overheat shutoff will help you to protect yourself from accidental burns and damage of the steam mop itself.


Check with the manufacturer to see what safety measures have been put in place of the steam mop.

Types of Steam cleaners

There are three main types of steam cleaner; you need to determine your cleaning needs to choose the most suitable one.

Cylinder steam cleaners

Cylinder steam cleaners are usually bulkier than the other types of steam cleaners but come with wheels that enable you to move them quickly. 

They have the same functions as two-in-one mops, only with a more powerful steam output along with higher storage capacity water tanks that saves you from frequent refilling breaks. They come with several attachments that you connect to the hose, which allows you to clean a wide range of areas. 

Steam Mops

These models tend to be more compact and lightweight; they are usually easier to set up and ready to use in a matter of seconds. They have the same functions as a regular mop but with more cleaning power. 

Their water storage tank is usually attached to the handle, and it takes not more than 20 seconds from startup to heat up. However, they require refilling more often than cylinder cleaners. This steam cleaners model comes with a swivel head feature, enabling them to maneuver with ease and reach under furniture and hard to reach areas. They are more suited for cleaning sealed hard floors but will do a great job cleaning carpets and rugs when used with the necessary attachment. 

Two-in-one steam cleaners

These are a regular steam mop, but with a detachable handheld component. They come with more attachments for cleaning different surfaces; they can be used to clean bathroom tiles, kitchen tops, and other washable surfaces. 

They also have the same cleaning capacity as cylinders steam cleaners, but with a smaller water tank capacity and lower power output. Having a handheld vacuum is excellent for quick tasks, like cleaning the hob, your oven base, or tiles.


How long does it take to deep clean a bathroom?

Depending on the condition of your bathroom, you can deep clean it in 15-30 minutes. Typically, it takes 15-20 minutes to clean your bathroom thoroughly. If not cleaned regularly, it may take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How often should you steam clean your bathroom?

In general, you should clean your bathroom every seven days. However, some parts in your bathroom, such as the mirror, sink, etc. should wash in less than seven days.

Can I put detergent in my steam cleaner?

No, you cannot put detergent in your steam cleaner unless indicated by the manufacturer. Most steam cleaner producers recommend you not to use detergent or bleach or any other steam cleaner things.


Bathrooms are one of the dirtiest places in a household and a breeding ground for germs due to constant water exposure, and we all know germs love water or moisture. That is why it is recommended to take good care of your bathrooms to prevent spreading germs to every other part of your home. 

A steam cleaner is a precious cleaning device; it uses is not only limited to the bathroom; it can also be used on sinks, toilets, and even kitchen areas. Hopefully, this article on the best bathroom steam cleaner will act as a guide to enable you to make the right choice.