Which is the Best SEO Tool – A Comparison Between the Top SEO Tools

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SEO tools are essential for anything digital, whether it be marketing campaigns or even articles. They determine the reach of your articles and the level of engagement they will have. SEO tools help your web pages achieve a higher ranking, directly affecting accessibility and reach.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These tools analyze the best keywords to use, what kind of content will have the best engagement, backlinks, domain, ranking, traffic and social media strategies.

7 Best SEO Tools Available Online

  1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a freemium tool; this means that some features are free, to get the whole package; however, a fee will have to be paid. It helps you improve your search engine results and ranking. It is beneficial with its keyword suggestion, new content ideas and more importantly, performs analytics to help you understand your competitors better. The features Ubersuggest offers include keyword analysis, SEO difficulty and website audit. It is essential to look at all the features when deciding Ubersuggest vs Semrush.

  1. Semrush

Semrush concentrates more on the marketing side of SEO visibility; it helps uncover marketing insights to improve online visibility. The features Semrush provides include keyboard research, backlink analysis and competitive research. While Semrush costs less than Ubersuggest, Ubersuggest is better equipped to help you with your multi-level marketing scheme as it’s features are more comprehensive and give you more insight. Therefore, Ubersuggest has a lot more features but Semrush is available at a much cheaper price making the choice between Ubersuggest vs Semrush very hard.

  1. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you get your data straight from the source. It is in a unique position to give you statistics and data that other tools do not have access to, while this may not be the best SEO optimization tool it has untapped data. This is because most searches are carried out based on the Google-specific information the company has access to. Most of the other SEO services get their information from Google too.

  1. Mozbar

Mozbar prides themselves on their user-friendliness; their SEO engine is extremely user friendly and intuitive. The data is laid out in a very orderly manner and is easy for a layperson to interpret and understand what the data represents. This tool is perfect for those who are new to SEO services so that they can get the hang of it. Mozbar can be used on Firefox and Chrome and can be used on Windows or a Mac.

  1. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This tool does exactly as is advertised, it analyses. The SEOWorkers Analysis Tool analyses any website and generates a report. This is very useful as you can check out your competition and see what they are doing. This will help you adapt what they are doing right to benefit your campaign and to learn from what they are doing wrong and avoid it. With each analysis, you will start to see a trend emerging amongst the top websites which you can include in your strategy.

  1. WooRank

WooRank offers a lot of the same SEO services that SEOWorkers Analysis Tool does but the integration is far better. The data is not only insightful but the app, on the whole, is straightforward to use and is highly intuitive in design. This helps immensely when producing content or when deciding on a marketing plan.

  1. ClickFlow Content Decay Tool

Knowing when something isn’t working for you is as important as knowing when something is working for you. The ClickFlow Content Decay Tool shows you pages that are no longer performing well. This gives you an idea as to why your content is not performing at the level it should be performing. Losing traffic is much worse than not getting any traffic at all, and with this tool, you will be able to root out the source of your problems.


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