Benefits of Solving CA Final Papers For The Exams

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Are you finding difficulties in preparing for the CA final exams? Then students must definitely solve the old CA final papers. Previous year’s final papers are a carbon copy of the main CA exams, which act as a real friend during the preparation of the exams. Only by studying, students can never score well in the exams, they need to practice. Therefore, to make the preparation more effective, CA Wizard has come up with all the CA final papers of this year and the last 7 years.

CA Wizard‘s CA final mock test papers, practice papers, and revision test papers are the best way for students to improve their speed, knowledge, and better understanding of the paper pattern. If students solve all the CA final mtps, rtps, and practice papers before the coming exams, then it will be very fruitful for them. The CA mock test papers will help students to revise the entire syllabus before exams.

CA Wizard papers (mock test paper, practice papers, and revision test papers) are sketched in a same way as in the main exams. This creates a real exam pressure on students as of main exams.

Benefits of Solving Additional Papers For Finals

Student may lack confidence for their approaching CA final exams. Hence forth to help students to get over the fear of exams, CA Wizard has provided the CA practice papers, mock test papers, and revision test papers for students. Students must solve all the papers of CA final daily to enrich their performance. If you are looking to know How long does an MOT take and preparing for this exam you should learn this.

Given below are the benefits of the CA final papers:

Acts as a Revision Guide

CA papers cover all the topics from the updated CA Final syllabus. This helps students to revise all the topics from the entire syllabus at the time of revision. Students are advised to solve all the CA final papers (CA mtps, rtps, and practice papers) for better revision.

Boosts up the Self Confidence

By solving CA final mtps, rtps, and practice papers, students can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming CA exams. Students can start working on their weakest topics. This will ultimately boosts up the confidence level of the students and help them gradually improve the performance.

Helps to Get Rid of Exam Fear and Stress

Solving ICAI CA Final mock test papers helps students to know the updated paper pattern of the exam. Also, students will get to know about the different types of questions which may come in the exam. The CA final MTP are based on the actual exam question papers. This helps students to go thoroughly with all types of question pattern, such as MCQs, short question, all the important questions, long questions, etc. which unusually comes in the exam.

Helps to Understand the Marks Distribution

It is very crucial for CA Final students to have an idea of the unit wise marks distribution of the subject and help them to prepare accordingly. Students will have an idea of which topics to prepare for long question type and which topic to prepare for short questions.

Helps to Work on Writing Speed and Accuracy

By solving papers for final students increase their speed of writing answers. Also, by solving all the CA papers, students improve their accuracy level. It is quite possible that a similar question from the old CA papers comes in the main examination. If already students have solved the same type of question from the CA papers, then they take less time in writing the answers with accuracy in the main CA exam.

Download CA Final Papers from CA Wizard

CA Wizard is an online library for the CA aspirants. Whether providing CA students with all the CA mtps, rtps, practice papers or providing the latest syllabus or preparation strategies, CA Wizard provides all of them to the students. Students appearing for the upcoming exam can rely on the CA Wizard.

CA Papers from the CA Wizard are based on the ICAI format only. To make students’ preparation easier and smoother, CA Wizard has cumulated all the CA papers together with their solutions. Students can easily download the ICAI CA Papers in pdf format for free.

From CA Wizard, students can download the year wise papers. And for all the subjects mock test papers, practice papers, and revision papers are available with its solution.

Download All the CA Final Papers


CA students must solve the ICAI CA mock test papers and revision test papers for better performance in the CA exams. ICAI mock test papers and revision test papers are very beneficial for the CA students. It makes them more confident about the exam and reduces the stress levels for CA exams. By solving mock test papers and revision test papers students can do their self-assessment and prepare themselves accordingly.