Kebab Machine

3 Types Of Kebab Machine You Should Know About

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Kebabs are one of the healthiest ways to consume meat. Unlike the deep-fried chicken, they are heated healthily and absorb very little oil. Besides, no kebab meal is ever full without salad or bread.

To cook a tasty and healthy kebab, you will need a kebab machine. Before investing in this machine, it is important to see all the types available in the market. So, check them out as you read on.

Three Types of Kebab Machine

In ancient times, people used to grill chunks of fresh meat on open fires and roasted kebabs. Now, this Middle Eastern cuisine is part of everyday diet across many countries.

Further, you can find many types of machines dedicated to making this dish. Some of them are elaborated on here.

Slider and Angled Gas Burner

The slider and angled gas burner machines are advanced types of machines with various features. It has an easy sliding feature at the burner block. This gives precise control over the way the meat is cooked.

It provides an angular heating profile, and the burner allows for better contour heating. Further, it is easier to cook meat that has irregular shapes or surfaces.

It comes with an adjustable burner module block. You can use this module to bring the burner closer or move it away from the meat.

Swing and Angled Gas Burner

The swing and angled burner type machine is a basic type dedicated to making kebabs. It is not as advanced as the slider and angled gas burner type machines. However, it has bent burners that can help you focus the heat on the meat as you see fit.

It also provides easy contour heating, which can cook irregularly shaped meat well. Further, it comes with an adjustable burner module similar to the slider and angled gas burner type machines.

Electric-Type Burner

Electric-type machines are available in two types: Slider electric machine and electric sewing machine. However, unlike an angled machine, they have a straight burner. The flat burner makes downward cleaning very easy.

As the name suggests, it has an electric heating option instead of gas heating. Furthermore, it will have easier to clean the glass front surface.

Electric-type machines also make evenly heated kebabs. It is because these machines provide straight heat distribution.

It also has a front section with grill-less heating. Hence, it is less prone to grease accumulation.

How to Pick the Right Kebab Machine?

Once you decide the type of kebab machine you want, you should ensure it offers everything you need. Several factors go into the making of a suitable machine that can cook healthy and tasty kebabs.

Here are the two most important factors you should consider before investing in a machine:

Construction quality: The machine should be made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel. It should withstand the heat and last longer while being resistant to rust and corrosion.

Cooking capacity: The machine should meet your requirements in terms of quantity. For commercial use, it should be up to 85 pounds. At the same time, for your home, it can be anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds.

Kebabs are a delicacy that no meat-lover can keep their hands off. So, if you plan to add kebabs to your restaurant menu, it can be a fantastic idea. 

Besides, cleaning the machine can be time-consuming and taxing. Hence, it is important to pick a device that will help you manage a mess-free kitchen.