Your graduation checklist

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The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many people are still waiting for their graduation ceremonies two years after completing their university degrees.

While students in Wales are expected to have to wait another year before they get to don their robes, ceremonies in the rest of the UK should be finally going ahead.

If yours has been on hold since 2020, you may well have forgotten exactly what you’ll need for the occasion. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Cap and gown

The most important thing when it comes to graduating is getting your hands on the traditional outfit. It’s what everyone will be wearing and makes for truly memorable photos.

Your university will have a supplier and should make it pretty easy for you to either hire or purchase what you need.

The style of gown you wear will depend on whether you completed a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate course. The colors, meanwhile, tend to vary between institutions.


Many people move away for university, so your graduation could well be taking place in a town or city that will now require a few hours of traveling.

If you’re planning to indulge in some celebrations with friends from your course, it could be worth looking into accommodation for the night. 

It’s something you might not experience again in your life but it’s important to consider your finances and stick to your budget.

The last thing you want is to be forced to rush off to catch a train and cut your big day short.


You may be wearing a mortarboard and a gown, but you’ll still want to have something smart on underneath.

Special occasions deserve an outfit that befits them, and many students will get something new for their graduation. Looking your best helps you feel your best, so why not add something to your wardrobe that you’ll feel like celebrating in?

Just remember that if you’re wearing a tie, it’s supposed to go over the top of your graduation hood.


A professional photographer will likely be hired by the university, giving graduates a chance to secure some important mementos from the big day.

Graduation photos with your family will be something you treasure and there will be plenty of packages available to suit a range of budgets.

If you’re graduating with a group of friends, you could even hire your own photographer to get a few more artistic snaps of you celebrating together.

If you finally get to enjoy graduating this summer, just remember to enjoy the moment and spend time with your friends before your lives enter new and exciting chapters.