Hair transplant

Why Hair transplant in London?

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We will discuss hair transplant in London, the cost associated with it and its benefits here.

Before moving further, let’s have a look at the stats about the hair loss problem. As per Healthline, 95% of hair loss in men caused due to androgenetic alopecia. Whereas in a blog on vegamour, they said that more than 80% of men and 50% of women experience hair loss problems.

These stats tell us that hair loss problems are increasing day by day. If you want to overcome this problem, then we will suggest you consult the best hair transplant clinic in London.

London has a vast history and great medical facilities that make them a technologically advanced place for hair transplants. People from different countries and from the entire UK visit London for natural-looking results through hair transplants at affordable prices.

What is the London Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair transplant costs depend upon a wide range of factors. That includes the type of baldness, the location of the clinic, surgeon experience, the type of process and many other factors.

In London, the average hair transplant cost is between £2,500 – £15000. Usually, the graft cost is between £2-£6 as per the hair transplant method.

If you opt FUE hair transplant, then you have to pay more and in the case of FUT. You have to pay less, but before choosing any process, go through the hair transplant before and after images of both processes.

Different Options for Hair Transplant in London?

If you are considering a hair transplant in London, then you have to choose between FUE and FUT hair transplants.

Let’s get to know about these processes:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

FUE hair transplant is the most effective process. In this process, the individual graft is extracted from the donor site, and then it will be transplanted to the recipient area using precise FUE tools.
After the transplant, the scar left a tiny hole. The recovery period in FUE is 2-3 weeks.

The major advantage of FUE hair transplant is that it has a quick recovery and less pain as compared to other processes.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant):

FUT is the oldest hair transplant process that is still used these days. People who are suffering from complete baldness, permanent hair loss, and male and female pattern baldness can take a FUT hair transplant.

In this process, a strip is removed from the donor area and it is planted in the recipient area. The extracted strip is divided with care to obtain single grafts that are planted into the bald area of the scalp. After removing the strip, the donor area will be stitched by the surgeon.
As a strip is taken out from the donor area so, after the stitching, a linear scar mark will be there on the donor area.

Benefits of Hair Transplant in London

Having a hair restoration process in London will avoid a lot of hassle of international travel. After the transplant aftercare phase will also is on your doorstep when you need any support from the surgeon or clinic.

As a surgeon and most of their staff speak English, so you will not face any type of problem in communication. Cost and technological advancement also play an important role in hair transplants. In London, you will get the best price for a hair transplant. As here you have a wide range of options.

You will get many experienced surgeons in London. So due to the competitive market, they offer you discounts and offers. Apart from this, you will also get options from certified hair transplant doctors.