Wedding Jewelry

What To Look For In Wedding Jewelry

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If possible, do some research before beginning the process of buying a wedding band. This will help you make the most efficient use of your shopping time, and ensure that you find a ring you love! Often less is more when it comes to your wedding ring. A simple, plain gold band can carry just as much significance as a more elaborate design.

The History Of Wedding Rings

Throughout history, wedding rings have represented many things: love, fidelity, authority, and family alliance. But their primary message has always been to signify the commitment between two people in marriage. The first recorded use of Wedding Jewelry dates back to ancient Egypt. Pharaohs gave their wives woven bands made of ivory, bone, leather and braided hemp. They were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which was believed to connect directly to the heart.

After Egypt was conquered by Alexander the Great and then by the Greeks, Romans adopted the tradition of exchanging rings during betrothal and marriage ceremonies. In medieval Europe, it was common for couples to exchange ‘posy rings’ engraved with romantic poetry or symbols. After the Renaissance, ring engravings were replaced with images of the couple and ‘gimmel rings’ became popular, featuring interlocking bands that displayed two right hands clasped together. In the 20th century, men’s rings started to become more commonly worn. This change was largely due to World War II, when husbands went off to war and wished to keep their wives close to their hearts.


In modern times, the material a ring is made from can be as important as its design. Many couples choose the same metal as their engagement ring to keep all their jewelry cohesive and effortlessly paired, while others opt for something more durable to stand up to an active lifestyle or frequent contact with harsh chemicals. Traditionally, wedding rings are made of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. These are harder and more resilient to damage than softer metals, but they can still scratch or tarnish over time.

Alternative metals are also increasingly popular, with titanium and tungsten carbide being especially durable. These are ideal for men who work with their hands or have an active lifestyle, as they resist scratches and dents better than other materials. However, they can be difficult to resize.


The wedding band is a symbol of eternal love. Its circular shape signifies love that is never-ending, and its center hole represents a path to the future. Today, there are countless unique wedding rings available that will stun your partner on your big day. While diamonds remain a popular choice for engagement rings, there are many other gemstone options for your wedding bands. A wide variety of natural and lab-created gemstones are available in a range of colours, including emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

You can even add a touch of uniqueness to your wedding band by choosing a different metal finish. For example, a brushed matte finish can be used to create a more subdued women wedding engagement ring. Or try a beveled or knife edge profile to achieve a more contemporary look. For a modern take on the traditional wedding band, consider this mixed metal ring featuring a meteorite exterior and sleek gold interior. The result is an eye-catching and trending ring that reflects your personal style.


The size of a wedding band impacts its presence and the overall look of the ring. Wider bands offer more coverage and are recommended for men with larger hands or those who want their ring to stand out. However, wider widths require more precious metal to produce so they are typically more expensive. Women tend to opt for a 4 mm or thinner ring width. This helps ensure the ring fits comfortably and can also complement their engagement ring if they wear one.

The most accurate way to determine a ring size is to use a physical ring sizer. To ensure the most accuracy, it is helpful to wash your hands of any lotions or oils before measuring your finger. It is also important to present the dominant hand that will be wearing the ring when getting sized. Failing to do so could cause your ring to be too tight, which can harm your fingers’ circulation.


The ring symbolises eternal love and commitment. Its circular design means it never ends, like your love for each other. Choose an ethically sourced diamond or gemstone for your partner. Mens wedding rings are available in a range of styles and metals to suit your personality.