website analysis

What is website analysis?

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Website analysis helps you to ameliorate your website, increases your point ranking in hunt machines, and also increases your website business and lead you to lesser business success.

Website analysis allows you to realize your weakness in each field and put too important trouble to repair and strengthen the weak part of the website as much as possible, continuously dissect the website and try not to lag behind challengers, so you can maintain your position in the hunt machine results runner. It’s important to note that the analysis of a website must be done fully, including point cargo speed analysis, dwell time analysis, dissect positive or negative stoner experience andic., that by knowing all this points you can fell the true position of your website.

What’s website analysis?

Assaying a website allows you to pierce data and information that reflects the performance of your website, the important thing is that without a proper, accurate and applicable analysis, it’s insolvable to make any decision and find an optimal way to optimize your website on a hunt machine results runner.

In the way of doing correct and principled analysis of a website, first, the most important step is to be suitable to determine and realize the thing of assaying the website, rightly, the coming step is creating meaningful content, and always fantasize to optimize a website according to the data analysis. Eventually, we’ve to apply all the changes in order to optimize the website and do this operation continuously to achieve the thing we had from the morning.

Also, if you have trouble assaying the website or if assaying the website data is complicated, it’s possible for you to use SEO tools to dissect your point as snappily and directly as possible. We’ll explain further about the website analysis and tools in this composition.

Steps to achieve an analysis

Determine the correct thing

Assaying a point is a must-have, but a less principled bone isn’t accepted.

The thing of assaying a website may be, optimizing point content, point speed optimization, optimizing brio rate, optimizing the performance of a website, optimizing the stoner experience, or other pretensions. First, let’s know what our thing of website analysis is.

Fantasize the ways to reach the ideal website

Check all the information and data, if you realize that the website business is low, by data disquisition, you’ll come to the conclusion that the reason is the low speed of the website that has caused many visits and low click-through rate, so it’s an ideal way for you to fete the weak points of the website and work on them.

Test all events

At this stage, you can also use the point analysis tool, for illustration, you can use Google Analytics and analysis tools and observe all stoner actions in reality without imaging.

Comparing reality with suppositions and making changes

So far, we’ve a website that’s our ideal, and we know the real events that has happed on the website, we must now deal with the difference between these two, and also answer the question that why there’s a difference between these two, after reaching the answer, it’s time to make changes to the website and constantly cover it to achieve the thing we had from the morning.

Website Analysis Tools

1.Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows us to break problems by checking the website business and visits, as well as the hunt performance on the website, so by working all the linked problems, we can optimize the website and get a high ranking in Google hunt results

2. Crazy Egg tool

Through Crazy Egg, the gets of website druggies can be observed and anatomized according to Heatmap, List Reports, Scroll chart reports, Confetti Shots. According to all this information, problems can be delved and resolved.

3. Ahrefs SEO toolbar

By using Ahrefs, you can review and compare website runners collectively, identify better performing websites grounded on their content or keywords, and view click-through rates through specific keywords.

In general, tracking deflect links, nofollow links, preparing a complete SEO report on the webpage and etc, can be checked through Ahrefs SEO toolbar. In other words, the following can be done through this tool

Organic business estimation

Number of backlinks

Number of referral disciplines

Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR)

Ahrefs URL Standing (UR)

Ahrefs Rank (AR)

4. Ubersuggest tool

Uber suggest introduces you the stylish strategies that your challengers have taken and succeeded in, so that you can use them, and be successful as well.

5-Similar Web tool

The Similar Web tool allows druggies to view important factors for a website, including engagement rate, website business, keyword rankings, and the reason of a high website business. The Similar Web extension provides directly in your cybersurfed toolbar and enables you to get in depth statistics by a single click on Website analysis report you visit.