What is Trending in Men's sunglasses

What is Trending in Men’s sunglasses? – Top 5 Hottest shades for Men

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While everyone needs eye protection, it doesn’t hurt if we show some style too. With that said, not everyone can pull off just any pair of sunglasses. If you think that you are Top Gun’s Tom Cruise just by sliding a pair of aviators, you might be in the wrong, my friend.

Many people just pick a celebrity they admire and copy their style, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that style will suit your face shape. 

Sporting the right pair of shades will not only elevate your style but also boost your confidence.

From aviators, to wayfarers, from vintage to fast fashion, the fashion industry is swarming with sunglasses that not only serve the purpose of protecting eyes but also add the touch of fancy to your style. 

When listing down top trending picks, we cannot ignore the primary theme of nostalgia that is the major hit of 2021.

Be it Versace Vintage Sunglasses or Vintage Carrera Sunglasses. The 21st-century style is being re-spun by these designer shades from the past decades. So without further ado, let’s get right down to our top trending picks for you.

Classic Aviators

Our top pick is the Classic Aviators, which has never been out of fashion due to their ever-stylish form.

The original aviators were equipped with the “bullet hole” (triple bridge), and light-weight polarized lens meant for the fighter pilots. Ever since then, aviators are the top choice for men giving them a classy, rugged edge. 


Metallic clip-on perfectly secures the prescribed lens forming an integrated eyewear frame. These sleek sun-blockers can be custom-designed to fit the wearer’s eye, with their funky look that was designed to give an edge to prescription glasses. 

Retro Round Sunglasses

Not every dude can pull off a round and smaller frame that buzzed the ’60s and the ’70s. It was the signature look of many pop-icons of the era that completely rocked the century with this circular tea-shade, honey-dew frames.

If you want to zero in on the style, find inspiration in Ryan Gosling, or Elijah Wood, who are the masters of rocking this hipster street style. 

Funky Aviators

Yes, you heard it right. Or those of you who don’t know, here’s a funkier side to the Aviator’s line injecting some hippy-ness into the macho-ness.

Funky aviators were rocked in Miami Vice and Enzo Ferrari, setting the trend for these out-of-the-box geometrical-shaped shades, a mix of pop and classy. 

Colorful Tints

If you have a playful, fun-loving nature with a bubbly personality, sunglasses with tinted lenses are just right for you. Sporting them with a minimalist outfit is a perfect choice.

The pop of color will go with your funky vibe, all the while giving a classy edge to your personality. 

The Bottom Line

While style is an underlying factor when choosing the right pair, you must also consider the protective feature.

There are several vintage sunglasses shops out there that are offering original vintage sunglasses at bargaining prices. To buy the right pair, you must do your base research and grab your perfect pair of shades. 

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