What Is The NFL Regular Season: When Does It Start?

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I did not know anything and tried to read whatever I could get about NFL. I have tried so many ways to watch live streaming NFL matches and got it at last but after so many tries. So, you want to know what is the NFL regular season and when does it start, right? You can get regular update on sports brackets.

Well, as a fan of the NFL, I understand knowing this information can change your perspective about NFL. When I was a beginner in the NFL, at least, I felt like that. I know for sure; if you want to know the real history of the NFL and its current schedule duration, this is the best place you could be. Without further due, let’s hop in.

What Is The NFL Regular Season?

The NFL regular season typically begins at a specific time every year, which is why it is called the regular season. The time is not something you don’t know then again, and it’s the first weekend of the first Monday of September every year. You can remember it in another way, like the weekend after the holiday of labor day.

The game ends at the beginning of January next year, and the playoff tournament begins when the regular season ends. There are 272 matches that take place every year during the regular season. In 18 weeks, all of the 32 teams participate in 17 games each.

A Short History of NFL Regular Season

In the early years of the NFL, there were no specific schedules for games. But there is an average match based on the history of that time we can recall. Each team played as less as eight matches and as many as sixteen matches.

Not only that, some of those matches were against independent teams, amateur teams or different colleges. Then in 1935, some schedule was seen in the regular season. In the 1935-1936 season, every team played 12 games, which was not fixed. Here’s a list of matches each team played in the history of the NFL regular season,

  • From 1937-1942 & 1946 – 11 Games for Each Team in 12 Weeks
  • From 1943-1945 – 10 Games for Each Team in 12 Weeks
  • From 1947-1960 – 12 Games for Each Team (Variable Weeks)
  • From 1961-1965 & 1967-1977 – 14 Games for Each Team in 14 Weeks
  • From 1966 – 14 Games for Each Team in 15 Weeks
  • From 1978-81, 1983-86, & 1988-89 – 16 Games Each Team in 16 Weeks
  • From 1982 – 9 Games Each Team in 17 Weeks
  • From 1987 – 15 Games Each Team in 16 Weeks
  • From 1990-92, 1994-2000, & 2002-2020 – 16 Games Each Team in 17 Weeks
  • From 1993 – 16 Games Each Team in 18 Weeks
  • From 2001 – 16 Games Each Team in 18 Weeks
  • From 2021 to Current Times – 17 Games Each Team in 18 Weeks

How Many Games In NFL Season?

Like every year this year, NFL regular season will start on September 08th, 2022; this is the 103rd season of this professional football league. A total of 272 matches will take place in the tournament in 2022 and will continue till January 08th, 2023.

The NFL will have Super Bowl LVII and Pro Bowl events as well. Now the events of this famous American Football league will be hosted at the Stadium of State Farm of Glendale, Arizona, and the other stadium, Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida. Every team will participate in 17 matches in 18 weeks

What is the Current Formula for NFL Scheduling?

The current formula works based on the predetermined formula. Now, the current formula suggests that every team will face 14 different opponents in the 17-matches regular season. Here’s the detailed formula,

  • Every team will play twice against 03 other teams of their division during the tournament.
  • From the predetermined division, every team will face 04 of their teams in the division.
  • Every team plays once against each team from the remaining teams in the other 02 divisions.
  • In four year rotation, each team will play against 04 of the other teams from the predetermined division.

Regular Season Expansion

During the 2021 offseason, the NFL took a serious decision of the history. Yes, so many fans have demanded that the regular season is short and it should be expanded. And that happened at last. The popular American Football NFL has now expanded to 17 total games. Previously it was a 14-games schedule that lasted for 43 years of the NFL’s history.

Why Did the NFL Expand to a 17-game Schedule?

It all comes down to money. NFL owners believe a 17-game regular season and three-game preseason will make them more money — and “develop the game,” as Goodell said in his speech — than the previous 16-game regular season and four-game preseason.

The NFL had the option incorporated into the CBA to expand the schedule to 17 games; they had to negotiate one additional media deal to gain the right to do so. That was accomplished, and the league used its expansion clause ahead of the 2022 season.

The NFLPA and owners agreed to expand the season in the CBA, so it would always happen. Aside from that, the timing is appropriate; coming after the COVID outbreak drove people out of stadiums and caused many owners to lose money due to low gate receipts and food sales.

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Now that we are at the end of our discussion on the NFL regular season and its schedule, we hope you have everything you need. Don’t worry. All the latest information will be here for you, and you can watch NFL live stream from anywhere you want. All you need is to find the right option that you prefer.