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Disc Golf is a young sport that was developed in the USA in the 1970s. In 1979/80 the first disc golf groups were formed in Germany.

The aim of disc golf is to complete a course of mostly 18 holes with as few throws as possible. From a defined drop zone, the player throws the disc towards a metal catcher.

The player marks the point where the disc has landed and continues playing from there. The track is over when the disc has been sunk in the grass catcher. The length of the lanes is between 40 and 250 meters, depending on the course and level of difficulty. Disc golf is played according to the same rules as golf.

Disc Golf is a sport for every generation, from primary school children to the elderly. Social interaction, fun from the very first moment, and relaxed exercise in the great outdoors make disc golf a great experience for families and groups.

Disc Golf stands for values such as fairness, respect and respect, polite interaction, and mutual support. Disc Golf scores in terms of acquisition costs compared to other sports. Basic equipment with three panes is available for 25 to 30 euros.

Since disc golf courses adapt to nature and the terrain and almost no interventions in the landscape are necessary, the sport itself fulfills the highest demands for landscape protection and careful treatment of nature.

According to conservative estimates, around 3,000 disc golfers play regularly in Germany today. The World Association, the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), estimates the number of active disc golfers at half a million. According to the PDGA, between eight and twelve million people have played disc golf before.

There is a steadily growing number of permanently installed courses in Germany. At the end of 2019, there were more than 10,000 disc golf courses worldwide – almost 7,500 of them in the United States alone. Disc golf is also played professionally. More than two million dollars in prize money is distributed annually on the PDGA tour. The PDGA World Cup in the USA is worth around US $ 100,000.

The sporting highlights of the disc golf season are the German Championship and the German Tour. The German Tour is a tournament series in which the best points of the different age groups (Open, Masters, Grandmasters, Senior Grandmasters, Legend, juniors, and Women) are determined. Prizes up to 3,000 euros can be won in tournaments of the highest category.

The currently most successful German player is Simon Lizotte, who won the German Tour several times and has already won the German Disc Golf Championship six times (2009-2013.2015). Simon Lizotte is also a two-time European champion (2013 and 2018) and is one of the top 10 players in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disc Golf

Where Can I find more information about disc golf?

You can visit PDGA’s (Professional Disc Golf Association) website to check disc golf, interactive message board, PDGA events, rules and regulations and information.

Also EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience) is a disc golf organization that teaches disc golf to people of all ages.

DGU (Disc Golf United) is a complete disc golf handicap service. DGU provides scoring records and individual handicaps as well as complete handicap services for events and leagues.

Where can I find disc golf competitions information?

The PDGA website has a section on events where you can find all the information related to events.

I’m new to discgolf. What disc golf can I use?

First, learn to throw lightweight discs when you realize you can throw golf discs. These discs are perfect for new players: Mamba Stingray, Wombat, Leopard, Aero and Skeeter.

Which shoes would be better for Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is a game played in uneven terrain and rugged areas. That’s why you can’t play disc golf in your casual shoes. To play Disc Golf you can buy these shoes: Adidas Terrex Outdoor, Salomon Speedcross 4 and Adidas Terrex Swift R. Before buying any shoes for disc golf you can also read a complete buying guide of disc golf shoes by fitfootpro.