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What Are the Poker Glossary Terms?

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Poker is a famous card game where people participate to win prizes. You need proper skills and experience to make the best decisions. Every game has different rules and formats. To win the real money poker game, you need to master the techniques and performance. All these Pocket Terms will lead you to become a better player.

For more in-depth information, you need to go through some points that help you understand the key elements that come into a poker game.


In a table of stakes game, if a player calls or raises the best with all their chips, it will be considered the All-in. During the round on the table, if a player runs out of chips to bet, a side chip will be created, which they cannot win.

The player is still eligible to win the centre pot up to their wager point, and if other players go for all-in during one hand, many side pots will be created.


Ante is a little forced bet that every player before the deal contributes. They are usually used in poker tournaments along with the blinds, and normal poker games do not include ante-forced bets.


Each poker player’s total amount of money is considered a bankroll. Maintaining it would be effective if you pay regular poker. It helps when you play high stake matches. Sometimes, the new player makes these mistakes, which lead to severe financial problems.

Bad Beat

A bad beat is a common scenario where the largest weak hands beat favoured hands after gaining the great card in turn or river rounds. Moreover, the winner of a bad beat shouldn’t have to be in the race, but they must have got a card that changed the game’s course due to luck and skills.

Calling Station

Calling Station is the participant who calls higher but doesn’t raise or fold much. It is the best target for every poker player to increase the pot often and lose the majority of hands.

Cold Deck

The cold deck also means losing a substantial amount of pot with a strong hand to another opponent with stronger hands. The original meaning of this is facing a deck with the intention of cheating in-game.

Community Cards

Community cards are present in the middle of the table face up by the dealer and then shared amongst the active participants in the game. Omaha and Texas Hold ’em are the two main variants that use this feature.


 The player who deals with the card and gets the dealer button is known as the dealer. In professional poker games where a dealer initialises the game, the left player has to make small blinds. After each round, the dealer button gets shifted to the left side.


Fish is one of the most common stages, especially in new players. It is a phase in which players bet almost every hand without thinking about what is right. Moreover, it gradually teaches you that keeping a bet on every hand will cost you financially.

Player Liquidity

The number of players playing poker games, whether offline or online, all need to prefer the higher player liquidity as it translates to a better game, big pots & more tables to select. This is one of the most uncommon features of poker games.

Pot Odds

Pot odds are the ratio of the total pot until it gets the bigger bet. Pot is substantially used to decide which pots will give more profit to the participants while playing poker.

Wrapping Up

Poker is an adversely famous card game where you need game-changing tactics to achieve victory. Through this, you get information about Pocket Terms used while playing the game. Visit Pocket52 for more information and services.