Upgrade Your Volvo VNL With A Bumper

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The bumper does more than just represent the look of your truck. It also absorbs the shock of a collision. This Volvo VNL chrome bumper has fog light cutouts and a durable aluminum clad finish. It includes brackets for a complete installation. The cabin and living spaces of the VNL are optimized to keep your driver comfortable mile after mile. This includes plenty of space to work, catch up on paperwork and take meals or naps.

The Bumper

Brand new left/driver side corner bumper WITH fog light cut-out. This bumper is a direct replacement for your Volvo VNL truck and comes with brackets to make installation easy. It is made from 10 guage 1/8” thick steel to ensure your truck bumper is durable for years to come. The paint on this Volvo VNL chrome bumper is custom matched to your original vehicle color. When shopping for a volvo vnl bumper, make sure that you get a durable steel one with zinc plated hardware.

Getting a bumper for your semi is not just a fashion statement, it’s an essential piece of equipment that can help keep your truck from extensive damage in the event of a crash. Bumpers are available in a variety of materials, including aluminum and stainless steel. You can also find a wide range of styles, such as set forward, open end, gullwing, boxed end and tapered. At Iowa 80, you’ll be able to find the perfect bumper for your rig. Shop our selection of high-quality aftermarket semi truck parts, including this Volvo VNL Gen 2 SS Clad Aluminum Bumper with 12 in. Tall, online today!

The Fog Lights

The fog lights on your Volvo VNL make it easier to see in inclement weather. They are a great way to improve visibility and help you get where you need to be without having to slow down. These replacement fog light single bulb sets are made to fit perfectly on your truck, so they will look like they were installed by the factory.

Keep your truck in top condition with Genuine painted parts that match the original color of your Volvo VNL. This paint program expedites repairs and lowers costs. It’s available through your Volvo dealer. Choose from pre-painted tow-hook covers, bumper end caps and hood parts. Your truck will be back on the road faster and looking good as new. It’s part of the commitment to long-haul efficiency that Volvo stands for.

The Brackets

The bumper does more than just make or break the look of your rig. It is also the component that absorbs damage during an accident and keeps you on the road. Also, be sure to find a bumper that is designed to fit on your specific model. There are many different styles available, including set forward, open end, gullwing, boxed end and Texas square.

The Volvo VNL series includes the 860 and 760 long-haul sleeper cabs. Each truck offers plenty of power under the hood. The models feature four versatile engines that provide up to 1850 lb-ft of torque. Each engine is paired with a choice of four dynamic transmissions. Andy Mohr Truck Center offers the Volvo VNL series to haul your cargo from Indianapolis, Avon or Plainfield to its destination.

The Finish

The bumper is one of the most important parts of your truck. Not only does it protect your rig from damage but it also makes the vehicle look great. There are many different types of chrome semi truck bumpers to choose from. You can find set forward, open end, gullwing, boxed end, tapered and Texas square styles.

The volvo vnl interior has been redesigned to put drivers comfortably in command and maximize productivity. The dashboard puts frequently-used controls right where they’re needed, while the steering wheel uses Volvo’s Position Perfect system to let drivers tilt and telescope the 18-inch steering wheel in relation to the column. Sleeper models feature large steps and a convenient integrated telescopic ladder to make it easy for drivers to climb in and out of the bunk. They also offer an optional infotainment system to keep drivers connected to friends and family while on the road. It can even help them stay entertained with their favorite music, podcasts and more.

Final Word

A good-quality bumper does more than protect a rig from collision damage—it makes a truck look more attractive. Find bumpers in various styles, including set forward, open end, gullwing, Texas square and boxed ends. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Volvo VNL or just replace the original, PitStop offers many options for your semi. Shop durable full bumpers with fog light holes and tow hook cutouts as well as brackets for proper installation.