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Understanding Web, Native, and Hybrid Mobile Applications

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When considering building a mobile app for your business, would it be better to develop native, hybrid, or choose the web App instead? This could be a dilemma for a lot of business owners out there.

 Choosing one of these options usually depends on the type of business you are running and its overall objectives. This can be a crucial decision that can determine the eventual outcome of a mobile strategy pursued. 

 There is an array of factors you must consider when choosing to build your app. Here, we will throw light on these three approaches’ features so that companies looking to build a mobile application that stands out for them.

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 1 Web Apps

 Web browsers are responsible for hosting web apps. A web app differs from a website because it condenses the website’s information to enhance overall functionality. Web apps are loaded in browsers like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

 Web apps do not take up any storage on the device of the user. These are similar to websites that look like native applications, but the user creates a bookmark to that particular web page rather than installing it on a home screen. A web app is similar to a business website and comes with additional functionalities and features. 

 What are the Pros of Web Apps?

  • Easy to design
  • Easy to maintain
  • A cost-effective option
  • Build one app for all platforms

 What are the Cons of Web Apps?

  • Web apps need a browser to run. Many users are not satisfied with web app because they have to take another step to type in the URL of the app.
  • Web apps are much slower.
  • Less interactive and intuitive as compared to native apps

 2 Native Mobile Apps

 Native apps are designed and built by a custom mobile application development company for specific platforms and are written in the languages acceptable to platforms. Native apps are the most common type of apps built to use the Integrated Development Environment for the given operating systems.

 What are the Pros of Native Apps?

  • Fast and Responsive
  • Native apps disturbs in app stores
  • It doesn’t depend on the internet connection, though it depends on the functionality.
  • Overall better user experience
  • A Native mobile app allows developers to access the complete feature set of their given platform.

 What are the Cons of Native Apps?

  • Languages are difficult to learn, which means you need experienced developers.
  • Expensive
  • Not always the best option for straightforward apps

 3 Hybrid Mobile Apps

 Hybrid mobile apps behave like native apps and work across all platforms. This app is a combination of a native app and a web app. Hybrid app development incorporates native web app features. This app is divided into two parts- Back-end code and a Native shell. A typical hybrid App is much easier & faster to develop compared to a native application. In addition, hybrid Apps require less maintenance. Just like web applications, the Hybrid Apps can also use cross-compatible web technologies. You can install a hybrid App like a native App, however, it is a web App on the inside. 

What are the Pros of Hybrid Apps?

  • Built on web technology Javascript, HTML & CSS.
  • Cheaper than a native app
  • No browser required as opposed to a web application.
  • A single code base makes it possible to develop hybrid mobile apps faster compared to native apps.

 What are the Cons of Hybrid Apps?

  • Hybrid apps are expensive in comparison to web applications, as the former requires a wrapper. 
  • Less interactive and intuitive compared to the native apps
  • Slower than native applications. 
  • Lack of customization for hybrid Apps will leverage you to opt for a native application development approach


This blog is not composed to choose a winner. Instead, it aims to provide readers with helpful information about the web, hybrid, and native app so that you can know the strength and weaknesses of each before making a final selection.

 Consult a trusted custom mobile & web development company for an elaborative range of mobile apps that fit your business. They’ll guide the best on whether to opt for a hybrid, native, or web application, based on your specification and long-term goals.