Two Rivers Mall

Two Rivers Mall, Kenya

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Two Rivers Mall! The best shopping mall in Kenya.

Modern shopping communities across Africa began to blast in the most recent decade, connoting the developing white collar class across the landmass and its expanded spending power.

Shopping centres are turning into a developing marvel in urban communities, with South African monster retailers, for example, Shoprite and Game, just as French retailer, Carrefour, being the go-to mammoth retailers in the developing customer showcase. First-class markets and shopping centres in Africa are being manufactured all over. 

As per an investigation done by McKinsey, Africa’s spending force will be over $3 trillion by 2030, up from over $1200 billion of every 2008 as significant African urban communities keep on encountering quick urbanization. 

Africa is one of the natural beauty in the world. Every year millions of tours trave in Africa. Africa is only a particular travel spot where you can see The king of the jangle The Lion, Biggest Elephant, Xebra, and lots of birds. If you want real feelings to see jangle’s animal from inch’s distance, your first choice will travel in Africa.  

If you need to appreciate some retail treatment across the mainland, the beneath business sectors and shopping centres in Africa are the ones to visit.

For millions of traveller wants to buy something like cloth, footwear, and traditional African dress, they need a trustable shopping mall where travellers get everything. For this reason, in the article, we write a review of Two Rivers Mall, Kenya. If you want to shop in Kenya. Two Rivers Mall is the largest shopping mall in Kenya. 

Two Rivers Mall, Kenya

Review of Two Rivers Mall:

The vision 2030 accredited Development that sits on 102 Acres of Master- planned and Serviced land. The total area of 1.3 million square meters of developable most on 47.4 acres of land Two Rivers mal stands. 

Two Rivers Mall, located on Limuru Road near the affluent neighborhoods of Runda, Gigiri, Nyari, and Muthaiga, is East Africa’s largest mall. The shopping complex covers 65,000 square meters, placing the Garden City Mall on Thika Road as the second largest mall in Kenya. 

There is a wide array of shops available, including French retail giant, Carrefour, as well as luxury fashion brands, Zara and LC Waikiki,  Swarovski, giant apparel and sneaker stores, Nike, Adidas and Mr. Price, as well as a most popular indoor entertainment provider, Magic Planet. Kenyan brands that operate in the mall include the Nove Coffee Roasters and The Designer Studio.

The mall opened in February 2017 and was a $10 million project partly owned by the investment company, Centum. The improvement of the Two Rivers shopping malls that sit on around 9.7 sections of land. It has been operational since February 2017. Two Rivers Lifestyle Center is Jointly claimed by Two Rivers Development and Old Mutual Properties. 

The Development also houses City Lodge Hotel, which opened its entryways in March 2018 and sat on 0.74 sections of land just as Victoria Commercial Bank Commercial Offices that are under Development and sit on 0.52 Acres. The rest of the area includes adjusted plots for business, private and blended-use just as recreational and utility plots, arranged zones, and framework courses.

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However, Africa has an ancient tradition. The people of Africa are excellent behaviour. If you make a shop from their store, they will be happy most. After comparing it with other malls, the Two Rivers Mall is the best mall for shopping in Africa.